Smart Spairs

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Slime Safety Spair Flat Tire Repair System is designed to instantly seal the puncture and quickly re-inflates the tire.

You can repair a flat tire by yourself in just 7 minutes, minimizing the time spent on the hazardous roadside. You don't need to wait for a tow, change out the tyre for your spare, or use a tyre jack. It is fast, easy, safe to use. It has powerful 12V compressor fully inflates any tyre. Guaranteed not to void tyre warranty.
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How to inflate and repair flat tire in just 3 minutes? For those tough jobs that require an extra jolt of power, count on the ultimate Slime Power Spair Emergency Flat Tyre Repair Kit.

This complete repair kit has everything required to repair a multitude of flat tyres. Couple Slime Tyre Sealant with the powerful air compressor to repair and fully inflate a punctured tyre. Use the plugs to repair punctures on ATV’s, wheelbarrows, trailers, mowers and more.

It is fast, easy, safe to use and offers effective tools to repair flat tires. It has bright light for night use. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) friendly. This flat tyre repair kit works well on any vehicle.
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Are you ready for roadside emergency? How to avoid getting stranded due to flat tire? Don’t get stranded, repair flat tyres in just 15 minutes with Slime Moto Spair Flat Tire Repair Kit.

The Slime Moto Spair is your spare tyre - just squeeze in the Slime, re-inflate your tyre and go! It’s perfect for flat tyre repair on motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s and more!