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Septone Cold Gal Zinc-Rich Coating

Septone Cold Gal Zinc-Rich Coating is ideal for boat trailers, roofs, gates, balustrades, wrought iron, tanks, gutters and many other applications.

Septone Enamel Grey Primer 400g

Septone Enamel Primer is suitable for use directly onto ferrous metal, fibreglass and timber substrates.  It exhibits fast drying and rust resistant qualities with superb build and sanding properties.
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Septone Hammer Finish

Septone Hammer Finish is a self priming, rapid drying hammered metal look paint. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications on both metal and timber surfaces.


Septone Subframe Black

Septone Subframe Black is a rapid drying satin black enamel paint designed for painting subframes, chassis, radiators, springs, axels and other automotive components that are normally finished in satin black.


Septone Contact Adhesive

Septone Contact Adhesive is used to permanently contact bond a wide range of surfaces.