Filler and Accessories


Septone 2k Tech 2K Body Filler

2K Tech 2k Body Filler can withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees in automotive low bake ovens. 2K Tech exhibits excellent non-bleed performance even under 2 pack base coat / clearcoat paint systems.


Septone Car Filler

Septone's Car filler is a high quality lightweight polyester body filler designed for trade or handyman use in the filling of dents, cracks, holes or gaps.

Septone Eazefill Putty 2.5kg

Septone Eazefill Putty, a high quality polyester filler designed for trade or handyman use in the filling of holes, cracks and splits in timber, damaged wall paneling, masonry guttering, furniture and other repairs around the house.

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Septone Fibre Tough Glass Fibre Filler

Septone Glass Fibre Filler (Fibre Tough) is a high quality fibre reinforced polyester putty designed for trade use. It is dependable and easy to use and is formulated to bridge holes up to 50mm in diameter in rusted metal panels in motor vehicles, caravans, trailers and boats and in guttering. 


Septone Hardener Aca 92-1 for Polyester Refill

Septone Hardener Aca 92-1 contains benzoyl peroxide 500g/kg hardener for polyester refills. Available in 10g, 20g, 60g and 100g.

Septone Metal Tech Stainless Steel and Fibre Reinforced Putty

Metal Tech  from Septone is a stainless steel and fibreglass reinforced patching compound designed for use in the repair of holes, cracks, dents and rust outs in motor vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats and guttering.


Septone Putty Applicators

Septone Putty Applicators is designed for use with Body Filler and Putties. Reusable, flexible and easy to clean.

Septone Blade Putty 375g

Septone Blade Putty is supplied ready for use, and is applied using a glazing knife or plastic putty bat. It is a heavy bodied single pack nitrocellulose based putty for automotive and industrial use. Suitable for use under acrylic paints.

Septone Edge Rapidsand Body Filler 3L

Septone Rapid Sand Body Filler is a premium quality lightweight body filler formulated for easy application and a self-levelling smooth finish reducing panel repair time and abrasives costs.

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Septone Edge Ultrasand Body Filler 3L

Septone Edge Ultra Sand is the next generation in superior quality body fillers, formulated using the latest technology. It provides ultra superior adhesion over a wide range of substrates including steel, galvanised & zinc coated steel, SMC, aluminium and fibreglass (cosmetic repairs only).

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