Nozzle, 35mm, Hard Floor Brush, 36cm wide

35mm Hard Floor Brush, 36cm width with rubber wheels and swivel neck.
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Nozzle 36mm Squeegee Tool

Squeegee tool to suit the Pullman CB15 commercial vacuum cleaner.
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Nozzle 38mm commercial heavy duty

Nozzle 38mm commercial heavy duty w/ removable bristles/squeegee blades - Kit includes stainless steel BEP & 2 straight rods

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Squeegee blade set 2 suit 31600027 floor nozzle

Squeegee blade set 2 suit 31600027 floor nozzle.

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Replacement Brush Strips

Replacement brush strips to suit 38mm Nozzle (31600027).
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Black Turbo Nozzle TK2 - Universal

32mm and 35mm TK2 Turbo Brush floor tool. Black with swivel neck.

32mm Turbo Nozzle TK4 Black

32mm Turbo Nozzle TK4 Black to suit a wide range of vacuum cleaners for thorough carpet cleaning from high efficiency turbine that provides faster brush rotation than competitor’s models.
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Electric Power Nozzle 32mm - PB4

32mm PB4 PowerBrush kit to suit Electrolux vacuum cleaners. 240V. Includes cord set.
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32mm Electric Power Nozzle Esb109 For Backpacks

ESB109 PowerBrush (32mm) with Backpack cords. Suits Electrolux models.
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32mm Electric Power Nozzle for ESB109 with Long Cord

Long-cord version of the ESB109 32mm Powerhead, suitable for Wertheim vacuum cleaners. Includes cord set.
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Electric Power Nozzle, CME Electric Brush, 32mm

CME vacuum powerhead, 80W, 240V, 35mm.
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130mm Rubber Gulper Nozzle

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450mm Scavenger Nozzle

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Karcher Accessory Kits for Industrial Vacuums

Industrial kit for demanding applications.

1 x 6.906-793.0 floor nozzle DN 51, H-D, 500 mm
1 x 6.906-773.0 suction nozzle DN 51, plastic
1 x 6.906-768.0 grout nozzle DN 51, plastic
1 x 6.906-767.0 bendDN 51, stainless steel
2 x 6.906-766.0 suction tube 0.5 m DN 51, stainless steel
1 x 6.906-786.0 suction hose PU, DN 51, 5 m
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Karcher Rubber Strip Set 370mm

Rubber strip set, 370mm, oil resistant for floor nozzle 4.130-408.0
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Karcher Angled Round Brush Nozzle

Flat surface nozzle, round, with brush, for the gentle vacuuming of machine surfaces.
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Karcher Aluminium Surface Nozzle

Flat surface nozzle cpl. DN 51, 200 mm, aluminium with brush and stainless steel bumper.
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Karcher Metal Scratcher and Scraper Nozzle

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Karcher Stainless Steel Suction Tube with Nylon Ring

The suction tube (0.5 m) is equipped with a nylon ring in the upper cone area. This ring facilitates the loosening of the bend even after being used for a long time.
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