Filter HEPA Inlet set, suit Wertheim 4412

Filter Inlet, suit Wertheim 4030

Filter Motor, Inlet, suit Wertheim XL180

HEPA Filter suit Wertheim W4410

Filter HEPA, suit Wertheim ET 2000

Filter HEPA Exhaust suit Wertheim W2000 Dog & Cat

Filte HEPA Exhaust Wertheim Core ZW-0519

Filte HEPA Exhaust  Wertheim Core ZW-0519, X3000, W3000

Filter set frame sponge suit Wertheim X5000

Filter HEPA, suit Wertheim CJ52 purple heart

Filter HEPA suit Wertheim CJ450 Super Sabre

Filter HEPA suit Wertheim HVC-22 Colossus

Cloth filter, suit Work Hero Wet & Dry 60L

Permatex Primary Filter

Additional Secondary Microtex Filter for 604165

Additional Secondary Microtex Filter for 604116

Numatic Filter Tritex

Filter Microtex

Micro Fresh Filter

Microtex Filter

Karcher Star Filter White

Start filter, white, replacement for IV 60 and 100 but not "M B1" and not 100/75

Karcher Cpl BIA-H Absolute Filter

Cpl BIA-H Absolute Filter for IV 60-100


Karcher BIA-H Absolute Filter Replacement

Absolute filter BIA-H as a replacement for 6.904-365.0 and IV 100/55 H B1

Karcher Cpl. IV Chip Basket

Swarf basket cpl. for all IV 60 and IV 100 in ocnjunction with the wet container

Filter HEPA Exhaust suit Hoover H3000, H3030

Vacuum filter set to fit Hoover H3000 and Hoover H3030 vacuum cleaners.

Miele Active AirClean Vacuum Filter SFAAC 30

Genuine Miele Active Airclean filter to suit Miele SF-AAC30 and S300-S800 vacuum cleaners.

External Motor Filter Hypercone Suit Pacvac Pro Series

Hypercone exhaust filter to fit the Pacvac Pro and Super Pro Series of vacuum cleaners.

HEPA Hypercone Filter for Pacvac Pro Series

HEPA Hypercone filter to suit Pacvac Backpack vacuum cleaners

Hoover Filter HEPA Inlet Freespace

HEPA pre-motor filter to suit the Hoover Freespace vacuum cleaner.

ShopVac Full Cloth Filters

ShopVac Full Cloth Filters should be used for collecting dry dirt and debris. The cloth is quality material and will filter finer dry particles (between 15-25 microns).