Vacuum Filters


Silk Filter Gown to Suit Commercial Machines

Silk Filter Gown is used to keep out every fine dust from the machine. It is used in conjunction with a cloth bag and dust bag. These are used for wet and dry machines picking up very fine dust and act as an extra layer of protection. It helps preserve the life of your machine and motor.

Cartridge Hepa Filter

Cartridge Hepa Filter to suit:

AEG-Electrolux Viva Spin: AVS74..; AVS 1800 TRIO
Miostar Vac 5000
Tornado/Volta Coriol to 7265, 7470, 7472P, 7475
Volta Volante U7442, U7440

Hepa Filter

Hepa Filter to Suit:

AEG Electrolux AE7355
Electrolux Z7311F, 7312, 7314
Volta GEN3: U4015 VORTEX, U4005S

Cloth Filter for Airflo and Piranha Hand Vacs

Cloth Filter Cup for:

Airlfo vac in a box and snap n vac.

Piranha handvac (our part no: VHVAC).

Filter for Airflo Hurricane and Sapphire Piranha Horizon

Filter for Piranha Ruby Upright or Airflo Interceptor

Hepa Filter for Airflo and Volta

Hepa Outlet Filter

Hepa filter for cyclone insert to suit Zelmer Solaris Twix and Airflo Diamond Series.

Filter Pack

Filter pack to suit Cleanstar v2400, airflo afv4007 & allure T4007

Filter Cup for VH144

Filter cup for Cleanstar STVH144 and Allure H1440.

Pre Motor Filter

Foam inlet pre-motor filter for Allure v5001 (2200W) bag machine.

Hepa Filter Washable V5001

Allure V5001 (2200w) Bag Machine

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filter Aquavac, Rowenta and Taurus.

Cartridge Filter -Aquavac Decker

Cartridge Filter for Aquavac, Black and Decker, General Electric.

Foam Filter

Foam filter to suit various ducted systems:
Auskay Ducted Systems, Central Vacuum Systems, Ducted Vacuum Systems, and Electron ducted systems (EVS Models).



Round Inlet Filter Disc for Backpacks

Round inlet filter disc to various backpacks - industrial strength road runner, Bp2, origin 150bv HEPA, 200BV backpacks, tenant backpacks, and Pullman - PV9, PV10, PV11, PV12, PV13, CV3 Contractor, Janitor JV1, JV2.

Available in 3 and 10 packs.

Filter for Black and Decker Pivot

HEPA Filter for Bosch Ergomax BSG8207

Washable Cartridge Filter for Ducted Systems

Washable cartridge filter that suits various ducted systems: central, ducted, and electron (EVS models).

Complete Filter Set for Multi Polisher 3-in-1 POL3IN1

Complete Sms Filter & Frame Assembly

Complete sms filter & frame assembly to suit Cleanstar 1600 watt bagless machine (vc3509)

Cone Filter for Cleanstar V2200 Machine

Cone Filter for Cleanstar V2200 Machine

Cover | Grill for Exhaust Filter

Cover/grill for exhaust filter to suit Cleanstar V2200.

Damping Insert-Cleanstar Butler

Exhaust - Outlet Filter for V1600

Exhaust Filter Cover to Suit V1400

Exhaust Filter Sponge Atomic Machines

Exhaust Filter for V1400

Exhaust Filter-STVC3509

Exhust Filter - Cleanstar 1400 watt Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Foam filter Cleanstar 3 in 1 machine

Filter Set for Cleanstar Upright Cordless Stick Vac CSV001

Filter Set for Cleanstar 2200 Watt Bagless Vac Cleaner

Filter Set for Cleanstar Atomic Orange

Exhaust & Motor Filter Set Atomic Red

Filter set to suit Cleanstar Atomic Red.

Foam Insert Cleanstar Butler

Front Filter Cage for V2200

Front Filter cage to suit V2200 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Hepa Filter To Suit VH9.6 Handvac

Hepa Filter To Suit VH9.6 Handvac

Hepa Filter To Suit Atomic Orange

Hepa Filter for Cleanstar VBP1400

Hepa Filter for Cleanstar 1400W Backpack Vacuum Cleaner and Blower, and industrial strength BP1

HEPA Inlet Filter Cleanstar Butler

Hepa Filter suits Cleanstar Butler

Inlet Filter for V1400 Machine

Inlet Filter for Cleanstar V1600 Machine

Inlet Filter for Cleanstar V1600 machine.

Lower Foam Filter Cleanstar Butler

Lower Foam filter with Cleanstar butler

Motor Filter Cage-Atomic Red

Motor Filter Sponge Atomic Red

Cloth Polyester Filter Set for AS5

It suits these models: Cleanstar hypervac AS5, Ghibli AS5, Hako Supervac 50, Pullman AS5, and Spitwater AS5.

Pre Motor Filter - Charcoal - V2200 Machine

Pre-motor Foam Filter V2200 Machine

Pre motor foam filter for V2200 machine.

Exhaust Filter for Cleanstar V2200 Machine

S' Class Filter

'S' Class Filter to Suit:

Cleantech Piggy Vac Backpack.
Electrolux Suits Various Models.
Kerrick Vh060.
Wertheim 4030, 5030

Hepa Exhast Filter for Dyson

Hepa Exhaust Filter for Dyson: DC04, 05, 08, 14, 19-21

Hepa Filter to Suit Dyson DC11

Hepa Filter for Dyson DC11.

Hepa Filter for Dyson DC02

Post Motor Filter Pad for Dyson

Post Motor Filter Pad for Dyson: DC04, 08, 19, 20.

Dyson DC07/14 Post Motor Filter Pad

Post Motor Filter Pad for Dyson: DC07, 14.

Hepa Post Motor Filter for Dyson DC07

Post Motor Hepa Filter for Dyson DC07.

Pre Filter for Suit Dyson DC01 - 8pack

Pre Filter to Suit Dyson: Dc01 - 8 Pack

Pre Motor Filter for Dyson DC07 - Washable

Pre Motor Filter for Dyson DC05,8,14

Pre Motor Filter for Dyson DC05, 08, 14, 19.

Approximate measurements: Thickness: 28mm and Diameter: 155mm.