Cloth Bag Filter for Cleanstar Commercial Machines

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Cloth filter to suit cleanstar commercial machines: VC15LP, VB15LP.

Cloth Reuse Bag Suit C'Star Butler

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Cloth Reuseable Bag to Suit Cleanstar Housemaid

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Cloth Reuseable Bag to Suit: Cleanstar housemaid VC10LPH and Pullman AS4, PC4.0.

Cloth Polyester Filter Set for AS5

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Suits the following models: Cleanstar Hypervac AS5, Ghibli AS5, Hako Supervac 50, Pullman AS5, Spitwater AS5.

Cloth Bag STVBP1400-B Backapcks

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Cloth bag to suit Cleanstar STVBP1400 &

Vacuum Paper Bags Suit Helca Turbo Compact 1200

Pack of 5
Vacuum Paper Bags Suit Helca Turbo Compact 1200, Cleanstar V1400, Dustflo 100D, 1200, Airflo Beetle 1200. Black and decker BVC100,
Goblin Aztec 460-461, Hoover Hooverette H2050, H2050K, Kambrook Jaguar KVC10, Stealth FD2007, FD2002C, Red Vac, House C62396, Ranger JVC4007, Duo 900134, Champion, Hercules, Mega Power 2000w, Remington BV100, BV301

Vacuum Paper Bag QB831

Pack of 5
Vacuum Paper Bag suits Hoover Tranquility H4509E, Silverstar H4507, Performer 3000, Smart H401Z. It also suits Cascade CE011, CE012.
Cleanstar V1600. Suits Dirt Devil DDBC 1400, DD101, DD102, DD106, DD2400. Suits Dustflo 2000. Suits Airflo Rascal, Hornet, Raptor, HSP, Monte Carlo. Suits Bissel Optimus, Electrolxu Elite, Z2230, Z2330, Z2332, Home Choice HS818, Home Hero VC0909, Kambrook Jaguar series  KVC 11/12/15/16/20/30/, KVC110,1200, 1300, 1500, KVC5, Zipi, LG V-C294, VC2940ND, V3799, V4200RTV, Mistral BVC100, Space Ace, Super Bug JC862E, 2000, ZDW1200, B2073, SC14R, SCS700, SC813, SC5006, Tiffany VC111, Vacforce VF001, Vax Bliss V-075, Wertheim 4601, 4806, 4806E

Synthetic Bag H30

Pack of 4
Synthetic Bag H30 suits cleanstar V5001, Conquest VC9009, Hotshotz VC2030, VC2034,Hygiene VC358, Hamony CJ063, Patriot,
Cat n Dog VC9001, Powerforce H5003, H5003PH, PowerMax H2000, H2000PH, Silverado H5001, Equip HR501X, Smart 4410, 4430, Synthetic , 4410, 4430 Red Barron CJ046