Carton of 48 Rolls

Toilet Paper 400 Sheets

Patterned Grade 1 Virgin Pulp that is a heavy 15GSM Quality. Each sheet is 10cm x 10cm and the rolls come wrapped in a carton of 48 rolls. Great value for quality.

Jumbo Toilet Paper 2 ply

This paper is used in high traffic areas to avoid embarrassing run outs. Grade 1 Virgin Pulp that is a heavy 15GSM Quality. 300 Metres on each roll which comes 8 to a carton. That’s a huge 2.4 Klm of paper per roll. Carton of 8 Rolls.
100 x 24 packs

Long Sheet Ultraslim Multifold Paper Hand Towel

A stimulating advantage this paper hand towel has it its extra length per sheet. Thus reducing the amount of sheets required when drying hands. A white embossed paper which is made as a 2 ply paper.

120 x 20 packs

Gentility Compact Paper Towel

This size paper is designed for smaller dispensers where it may not be suitable for larger style dispensers, we have now added this paper to cater for the customers who are familiar with the heavier duty paper.
20 packs of 200

Multifold Slimline Paper Towel

A generous 2 ply 42GSM quality paper. This multifold slimline hand towel owes its unique features to the patterned embossing on the paper. Each sheet is 23 x 23cm.

6 x 300m rolls

Centrefeed Paper Roll Towels

These Centrefeed Paper Roll Towels are made with virgin grade pulp at 18GSM quality. 300 metre rolls x 19cm high. 6 Rolls to a poly bag. A cost effective beauty.

Carton of 48 Rolls

700 sheet Scented Toilet Paper Rolls

Individually wrapped and with pattern. 15 GSM Quality 10cm x 10cm sheets made from virgin grade 1 paper.

Kitchen Paper Rolls 12 Twin Packs

Kitchen Paper Rolls 24 rolls in total, we at Cleaners Supermarket have tried many papers from manufacturers over our 11 years in business. This Kitchen paper roll is a personal favorite of our staff and works well with high absorption.

Quilted Serviettes

Available in 1/4 fold or Redifolded. 100 per pack x 10 packs per carton. A very nice serviette for a low everyday price at Cleaners Supermarket.