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Techno-Clean Centre Pull Wipes Dispensers

Techno-Clean Centre Pull Wipe Dispensers are easy to mount, perfect for areas where bulk quantities of wipes are needed. Available in small and large.

Antibacterial Facility / Gym Wipes 800 Count

Antibacterial facility wipes are specially formulated to clean and deodorise surfaces anywhere. Great for gymnasiums, schools, kindergartens, offices, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes.

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Techno-Clean Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosol Can

Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosol is designed to clean and restore the original brilliant shine of stainless steel. Use with a SCRIM Cloth, this product will make your stainless steel cleaning as easy as possible.

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Graffiti Remover Wipes

Graffiti Remover Wipes available in a value pack of 40 wipes. Designed to be used for fast, easy clean-up of paint from non-porous surfaces.

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