Parts & Accessories

Small Plastic Base with 100mm Wheels

Rubber Silent Wheel

Available in 125mm and 140mm.

150L Rear Door for Trolley

Silent Wheel w/Brake

Available in 125mm and 140mm.

120L Foldable Bagholder

Upright Frames

Divider for 120L Bagholder

1/2 Base Extension for Trolley


Lid for 120L Bagholder

Available colors: yellow, blue, red, and green.

Bag Support Base for Trolley

Hermetic Base

Lid w/Checklist for 150L Bagholder

Available colors: yellow, blue and red.

Lockable Desk Compartment for 120L Bagholder

Insert Handle for Upper Basket

Lockable Desk Compartment for 150L Bagholder

Insert for Upper Basket

Green 10L Draw

Divider for 150L Bagholder

Green 22L Draw for Trolley

Green 40L Draw

Upper Plastic Basket F/F


Shelf for Trolley

Available in split and fixed.

Upper basket with Lid & Concealment

Upper Concealment With Lid For 8L Buckets

Side Basin

Riser for upper concealment

Set of Lifters for Side Basin for Trolley

Plastic Bucket 4L

Available colors: red, yellow, blue and green.

PVC Zippered Bag 70L

Available colors: red and blue.

Lid for 4L Plastic Buckets

PVC Bag 120L

Available colors: yellow, blue, red and green.

Plastic Bucket 4L-Compact With Upper inside handle

Available colors: yellow, blue. red and green.

PVC Bag 150L

Available colors: yellow, blue and red

Plastic Bucket 8L

Available colors: yellow, red, blue and black.

Lid for Plastic Bucket 8L

Lid for 8L bucket with outside handle.

Wringer Support Bar


Hermetic Bucket 10L w/Lid

Available colors: blue, red and yellow.

Hermetic Bucket 20L w/Lid

Available colors: blue, red and white.

Plastic Bucket 15L

Available in blue and red color.

Handle Holder

Single Hook

T/Plugs for Upright Frames for Trolley

Dual Hook

Mop/Broom Base Holder for Trolley


Plastic Roller Wringer

Roller Wringer will wring out microfibre flat mops in a downward motion. Fits into Smart Buckets and onto Technoclean Trolleys.