Wall-E, Scrubby & Shaggy


Wall-e Wall Washing System

There are two different velcro holders available to make your horizontal and vertical cleaning as easy as possible. The first is our simple Reach Grabber design with a full area of male velcro that locks onto the Wall-E covers.


Scrub-E, Wall-E Wall Washing Microfibre Covers

Wall-E wall washing microfibre covers allow you to clean large vertical and horizontal surfaces with a cloth like tool without your hands touching the surface. Now available in 26cm and 40cm.  

Scrubby Microfibre Scourers 8cm x 12cm

These Microfibre scourers are designed to scrub basins, wall tiles, grout. etc and can be laundered the same as your other Microfibre cloths and mops.


Shaggy High Dusting Tool

Like to dusting without spreading it around? Shaggy is an excellent high dusting tool that grabs all types of dust. The back is made from very fine microfibre- used for dusting flat panel screens, while the front is long and shaggy perfect for dusting all other surfaces.