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Sterling Taipan A11 Hammer Tacker

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Heavy duty construction with compact metal design. Single handed operation. Ergonomic rubber grip handle. Hanging blister packaging. Rear loading magazine for larger capacity.

It is ideal for heavy duty insulation, plastic, carpet laying,   sheeting & roofing, and general carpentry. Staples: Flat wire staples 6 - 14mm, Sterling A11, Arrow T50,and Rapid 140 Series staples.

Rapid 13 Tacker Stapler

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Lightweight ergonomic design with high impact force. It has a comfortable grip, easy firing action and staple base.
Recoilless action for effortless operation. Low staple indicator. Metal stapling mechanism with tough ABS plastic housing. Accepts staples: 13/4-10. 2 year warranty. This stapler is perfect for tacking fabrics, canvas, leather posters etc.

Rapid 23 Tacker Stapler

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Strong ergonomic design with high impact force. It has a comfortable grip, easy firing action and staple base.
 Recoilless action for effortless operation. Low staple indicator. Accepts staples 13/4-8. 2 year warranty.

Rapid 33 Tacker Stapler

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A professional tool for the demanding user.  It has a comfortable grip, easy firing action and staple base.
Recoilless action for effortless operation. Adjustable driving force gives perfect stapling result in all material. Bottom loading steel magazine. Accepts staples: 13/6-14. 5 year warranty.

Rapid R34 Tacker Stapler

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High durability, all steel tacker for cable installation.
Suitable for securing ceiling tiles, insulation materials, plastic sheet. Noise damper, adjustable force, recoiless and lock function. Accepts staples: 140/6-14. Takes 140/6-8mm staples. With 5 year warranty.

Rapid Eco Tacker

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This tacker is developed with sustainability in mind. Manufactured with 100% post-industrial recycled plastic.
Recoilless. It is ideal for light duty repairs or home decorations. The packaging is printed with petroleum free soy-based inks. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard and glued using water based adhesive only. Accepts staples: 13/4-8. 5 year warranty.

Rapid R14 Tacker

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Suitable for securing thin materials, like plastic and thin cardboard.
High durability tacker meeting high demands from professional users.  Is recoilless, lock function, noise damper. For professional users with frequent use. Takes 140/6-8mm staples with 5 year warranty.

Rapid R311 Hammer Tacker - Heavy Duty

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The Rapid R311 Hammer Tacker is the hammer tacker for real professionals.
It is perfect for stapling fitted carpets, insulation material, roofing felt paper, labels, canvas stretching etc. Comfortable grip and perfect balance. Ideal for roofing felt paper, moisture barrier, canvas stretching, protective plastic foil, insulation materials, labels, etc. Reversible staple driver for extreme durability. Takes 140/6-12mm staples. 5 year warranty.

Rapid E-tac Electric Tacker

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The E-Tac Electric Tacker is the perfect Staple Gun for hobby use.
Staple window shows staple length and when it is time to reload. Manual on/off button for safety. Balanced and lightweight, ergonomic construction makes it comfortable. Takes 140/6-14mm staples & 8/15mm brads. 2 year warranty.

Rapid Compacta Tacker Metal

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A metal tacker suitable for light duty repairs with adjustable force, lock function for easy storage, built-in staple remover and quick jam release function. Takes 53/4-10 staples.

Rapid ALU940 Powercurve Tacker

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An innovative tacker with Patented Power Curve Technology that compared to standard models requires up to 65% less energy to operate.
It has strong and light weight aluminium body. All-steel dual full strip magazine. Takes 140/6-14 staples and 8/15 brads. Patented 3-step force adjuster optimises needed power.