Window Scrapers

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Most popular window scraper. Comes with replaceable plastic cap. Replacement caps (BLC) and blade holder (BHL) available. Easily attaches to Extension Poles

Blue Handy Scraper 80mm

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Quality made in Denmark. Comes with replaceable safety cap.
In blue plastic
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Supplied with replaceable cap and squeegee. Robust ABS construction. Easily attaches to Extension Poles

Triumph Mk11 150mm 6" Scraper

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Supplied with replaceable cap and squeegee.Robust ABS construction. Easily attaches to Extension Poles

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Quick Press button blade change. Store with blunt edge out. Scrape with sharp edge out.

Triumph MK3 Angled Scraper

SABC-310-3A / ED41022
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The Triumph MK3 Angled Scraper is the right tool for construction cleaning with an extension pole. You will be able to remove stickers, tape, paint, mud and other debris from hard-to-reach windows and glass.

The 30° angled scraper is ergonomically-designed to make hand scraping easier and is especially handy for removing solar film. Blade Refill Available. See More details.

Blade Holder for HDSCR scraper

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Red Blade Cover

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Wagtail Wet Pivoting Scraper is ideal for glass cleaning. Adjustable pivot to the angle of window frames. Wet scraper to minimise scratching.

Easy blade and washer pad replacement. Optimal scraping angle to window. Handle easily attaches to extension poles.

The razor sharp scraper blades are optimal for removing paint, decals, tape, debris from glass surfaces, and more. Blades can easily be replaced and the tool will last you years.

This is the only window scraper in the world with Pivot technology that also features a unique microfibre strip under the blade for necessary lubrication and added surface protection while scraping without obstructing the scraping task.