Safety Scrapers

Retractable Red Plastic Scraper with Metal Button and Lock

Sturdy ABS Plastic Scraper with blade. One and a half times the size of this style of scraper means easy grip and comfortable working on a regular basis.

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Red Plastic Scraper Carded

Supplied with safety cap. Takes Heavy Duty Trimming blade

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Allway Brass Button Scraper in Pack

Allway Brass Button Scraper high quality Made in USA .The most popular universal scraper.

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Plastic Mini Scraper

Scraper supplied with 1 blade. Blade can be reversed for storage.

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Plastic Scraper

Scraper supplied with 1 blade, lightweight easy to use.  Available in Yellow or Blue.

Long Handle Single Edge Blade Scraper with blade

Comfortable rubber grip handle. 200mm (8”) long metal handle for hard to reach areas. Blade held tightly with screw clamp. Takes single edge blades.

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Metal Heavy Duty Scraper with Brass Button

High quality Made in USA. The most popular universal scraper. Blade cannot slide out during use which makes this scraper safer to use.
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Heavy Duty Metal Scraper

Heavy duty scraper. Made in USA. Contoured handle for superior control.
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Metal Scraper


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Metal Scraper with Rubber Soft Grip

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Yellow Plastic Scraper with 1 Blade

Scraper supplied with 1 blade.
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