OLFA Range

OLFA SVR-1–9mm Stainless Cutter

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A 9mm snap cutter with stainless steel body. Extra thin design with pocket clipe.

OLFA SL-1–18mm Large Plastic Cutter

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An award-winning cutter with one hand operated blade lock button. 18mm large plastic cutter.

OLFA OL–18mm Screw Lock Cutter

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This is ideal for carpets, insulation, etc with built in carpet tucker.

OLFA Nonslip HEAVY DUTY Cutter

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Comfort grip heavy duty cutter for heavy duty use.

9mm Black Olfa Cutter

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Knife with metal body, blade break-off clip and slide lock with 9mm blade. It is unbeatable for economy and quality. This model outsells any other snap blade knife.

Black OLFA 180 Cutters

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The most popular standard cutter. It is good for general cutting paper, plastic film , shrink-wrap, etc...Counter pack of 36, black 180 cutters.

OLFA CL–18mm Screw Lock Cutter

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A utility carton cutter with staple remover. It is ideal for packers and shippers.

OLFA FL–18mm Autolock Cutter

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One hand operation with finger lock.

25mm OLFA Cutter Model H-1

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A 25mm snap cutter for extra heavy duty use. It has an extra thick blade (0.7mm) and rubber grip for anti-slip handling.

OLFA L-1 18mm Screw Lock Cutter

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A large snap cutter with metal insert for stability and strength, screw Lock. Made in Japan. This is the most popular Olfa Snap Cutter.

Large Rubber Grip Cutter

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An 18mm with tucker/rubber grip heavy-duty cutter. It has a combination of elastomer and glass-fibre resin. It has a built-in hard metal pick with comfort grip. It suits 18mm snap blades.

Pro-Loaded Cutter

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Auto loading blade with AutoLock. It has 5 extra blades stored in handle.

OLFA PL-1 18mm –Auto-Feeder Cutter

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A 18mm Pro-load multi- blade heavy duty cutter. It has auto lock feature.

OLFA S-1 9mm Snap Cutter

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This is very convenient for everyday use.

Olfa Rubber Grip Knife

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Autolock utility knife with comfort grip. Take SHSKB-2 blades

Multi Purpose Utility Work Knife

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A standard model, with high quality stainless steel blades cutter.

25mm OLFA Cutter Model XH-1

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A heavy duty cutter with comfort grip and extra thick blade 0.7x25mm

OLFA XL-2–18mm Xtra Long Cutter

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18mm extra long knife for extended reach.