Mr Longarm


Mr LongArm Non Conductive Extension Poles

Mr Long Arm Non Conductive Extension Poles are smooth round fibreglass handle with a smooth rubber hand grip. 3.2 cm in diametre fiberglass extension pole.

Mr LongArm Triple Reach Bulb Changer Kit

No Metal Parts ! Mr. LongArm non-conductive* extension pole and triple bulb changer kit lets you change bulbs SAFER, faster and easier.

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Mr LongArm Smart® Bulb Changers

Smart® Bulb Changers' patented quick release design allows the user to easily remove and replace hard-to-reach light bulbs while standing in one position.


Mr LongArm PRO-LOK® Extension Poles

PRO-LOK® Extension Poles are made from aluminium - Fluted Fiberglass. The aluminium slider and fiberglass handle combination ensures that extension poles are better balanced and more rigid when telescoped.

Mr LongArm Tapered Adaptors

Mr LongArm Tapered Adaptors have a standard AMCE U.S Style 3/4" thread ( paint roller type thread ) Available in wood or plastic.


Mr LongArm HydraSoar® Flow-thru Extension Poles

HydraSoar Flow Thru Extension Pole extends your reach for difficult exterior cleaning jobs. Excellent for cleaning windows, awnings, solar panels, boats, automobiles and other large vehicles.


Mr LongArm Bi-Level Flow-Thru Cleaning Brush

Mr LongArm Bi-Level Flow-Thru Cleaning Brushes offer dual cleaning surfaces for hard-to-reach areas. 200mm 10" non-restrictive, bi-level flow-thru brushes fit all Mr. LongArm extension poles, utility poles and flow-thru extension poles.


Mr LongArm Regular Flow-Thru Cleaning Brushes

200mm non-restrictive, flow-thru brushes fit all Mr.LongArm extension poles, utility poles and flow-thru extension poles.

Mr LongArm Angle Adaptor

Mr LongArm Angle Adaptor adjusts threaded tools to proper angle when used with an extension pole. Universal threaded end fits any standard threaded extension pole.Set and lock angle in 13 different working positions.

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Mr LongArm Brush and Tool Holder

Mr LongArm Brush and Tool Holder allows you to use a variety of tools with extension poles for hard-to-reach places.

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Mr LongArm Flow Through Angle Adaptor

Flow through Angle Adaptor fits all Mr. LongArm extension poles, utility poles, flow-thru extension poles and brushes. Allows user to change the angle of a brush or redirect the flow of water up to 270°.

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Mr LongArm Mini-Wash Extension Pole 1 to 2 Feet

Mini-Wash Water-fed telescoping extension pole with insulated foam grip. It attaches to a standard hose, and features a flow control shut off valve.

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Mini Wash Flow Thru Brush 5 in / 12.5cm

Mini Wash Flow Thru Brush has plastic block with rubber bumper prevents scratching. Lightweight brushes float in water.

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Mr LongArm Lightweight Floor Squeegee 18 in | 45cm

This 18 inch Lightweight Floor Squeegee is made of tough plastic with rubber blade. It has standard threads which fits any standard threaded utility handle and extension poles.

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