Safety Tools

Balademate Sharps Container with Belt Clip - 0.15L

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Safe disposal of used blades. Sealable for safe handling.

Rescue Emergency Safety Hammer

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Vehicle emergency safety tool that includes: steel tipped window punch that shatters tempered glass, flat round steel tipped hammer to open up shattered glass for escape, ultra sharp serrated razor blade that safely slices through seat belts, rubber handle for superior grip, and LED emergency light to assist safe escape at night or low light situations.

Protector Fixed Knife with Safety Pin

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Blade edge is protected by spring loaded safety pin when not in use or if cutting edge contact is lost. Its strong handle is made from diecast metal. Its blade can easily be changed without tools. Blade cover can turn around when not in use for additional storage safety. Its 4 edge blade lasts twice as long. Both square cornered or round cornered blade are available.

Glass Edge Safety Trimmer

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Specialist tool for safely trimming plastic laminate off the edge of laminated glass. Its wide mouth allows for a full range of glass thicknesses up to 20mm. It has angled side to allow for curved or beveled glass. 9 adjustable blade positions for longer blade life.