Actichem Shine is a top value cleaner and polish for highly polished or brushed metal surfaces.  Only non-toxic and food grade oils used.
It is excellent for use in food preparation areas since it's non-toxic, colour and odour free.It provides an easily achieved shine which resists finger marks. It will not smear when used as directed. Available in 500ml, 5 and 15 litres.

Actichem Windowgleam is a professional non-smear, quick-dry window cleaner formulation for removing oily soils from windows, mirrors, stainless steel and most other smooth surfaces. 

It quickly penetrates and removes grease and oily deposits. It leaves glass with a gloss, polished surface. It leaves no residue, surfaces stay cleaner longer. It has low in odour, very pleasant to use (Ammonia free.) It is well suited for use as a hard surface spray n wipe cleaner, and dries quickly and produces consistently good non-smear results. Available in 5, 15 and 25 litres.

Actichem's Fire Fix, a powerful cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning and fire restoration. Effective in the removal of ingrained oily soils, carbon, soot and fire residues from soft and hard surfaces.

It is effective on charged soils- filtration soil and ventilation dust. It rinses freely and contains no caustic or solvents. Penetrating action lifts and suspends soils from smooth and porous surfaces. 

Although excellent on resilient substrates, Fire Fix is specifically designed to remove oily soils and soot from painted surfaces, lacquered wood, carpet, ceilings, soft furnishings and clothing. Available in 5L and 20L.

Actichem Fire Restore cuts through the tough oily soils created by fire activity and the resultant smoke and soot. Its unique chemistry is designed to penetrate deep into porous surfaces of resilient materials and break through and release these tough soot and smoke deposits.

Safe and ideal Safe and ideal for use on all resilient surfaces including tiles, concrete, masonry, terracotta,
natural stone and unsealed lino. Most painted concrete floors, powder coated metals, zincalume, construction timber and structural steel can also be safely cleaned with AP987 Fire Restore, however pretesting for substrate chemical sensitivity is recommended. If sensitive substrates are encountered, try a weaker dilution of Fire Restore or use Actichem’s AP986 Fire Fix.