Restoration and Specialty

Specialty restoration chemistry gives you the solution you need to confidently tackle tough jobs you have walked away from before. Each product has a specific application and has been extensively researched, carefully formulated, performance tested in the laboratory and out in the field.

Actichem Stone Gel Pro Limescale and Grime Remover

Actichem Stone Gel Pro hard surface cleaning cream removes limescale and grime from polished & acid sensitive surfaces - marble, granite, fine stone.


Actichem Tile and Grout Restoration Cleaner

Actichem's T&G Restore is a proprietary hard surface cleaning and restoration compound for neglected, black grout lines and tiles.


Actichem Chlorosan Thickened Chlorinated Detergent

Actichem AP720 Chlorosan is a powerful chlorinated detergent with excellent cleaning capabilities and potent anti-mould, anti-bacterial action giving it a vast variety of applications.


Actichem Tile and Grout Abrasive Cream

Actichem T&G Cream, Tile and Grout abrasive cream with Nano technology is an excellent spot cleaner for hard surfaces.


Actichem Actisorb Stain Absorber

Actichem Actisorb Stain Absorber is a new technology, neutral pH powder with incredible stain absorption properties and non-scratch abrasives.


Actichem Proneutro Neutral Detergent

Actichem's ProNeutro is a new generation, neutral pH detergent cleaner specifically made to take off soil from pH sensitive surfaces such as fine stone and polymer coated flooring.


Actichem Grout Restore 20 and 60 Potentiated Phosphoric Acid Cleaner

Grout Restore 20 & 60 Potentiated Phosphoric Acid Cleaner. It is ideal for use in conjunction with professional hard surface cleaning equipment.