Actichem Professional Spotting Products

Professional Spotting Products

Actichem’s unique range of professional spotting products, has been developed over an extensive period of time, using the most advanced, up-to-date chemical technology available. The Actichem range of spotters includes on-sell products that will leave your clients with a lasting memory, as well as a solution to keep their carpet looking great…till your next visit.

Actichem Ultimate Spotting Kit for Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

The Ultimate Spotting Kit has been designed to give the busy contractor a comprehensive resource, to approach every stain with total confidence.
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Actichem Orange Solvent Spotter

Actichem Orange Solvent is a super strength solvent spotter for removing the toughest chewing gum, bitumen, greasy deposits, paint & ink. It is excellent for removal of tough greasy build-ups and oils.


Actichem VDS Professional Volatile Dry Spotter

Actichem's VDS is a high performance volatile dry solvent for removing a wide variety of oily spots on upholstery, carpet and delicate fabrics.


Actichem POG Powerful Solvent Blend For Oily Spots

Actichem's AP482 ACTICHEM POG is a super strength blend of powerful polar and non-polar solvents for removing tough oily soils, grease and paints.


Actichem Gum Gone Gum, Paint and Grease Remover

Actichem Gum Gone -  radical strength gum, paint and grease remover. A super strength solvent spotter for removing the toughest chewing gum, bitumen, greasy deposits, paint and ink.


Actichem PIG Paint, Ink and Grease Remover for Carpets

Actichem PIG is a powerful solvent blend for the removal of ink spots; solvent based paints and grease on carpets and hard surfaces.


Actichem Citrus Gel - Citrus Solvent Spotter

Actichem Citrus Gel is a high performance citrus gel. Premium quality solvent gel using powerful citrus extracts, to remove tough oily spots, tar, gum, bitumen & cosmetics.


Actichem CTR - Coffee & Tannin Stain Remover

Actichem CTR is a specially formulated acidic spotter for tea, coffee, tannin, beer, water marks and coloured beverages.


Actichem Pet and Flood Urine Spots & Browning Treatment

Actichem's Pet n' Flood is a unique spotting solution for high-performance removal of urine and cellulosic browning stains.


Actichem Rust Spot Remover

Actichem High performance rust spot remover. Safe to use! Acidic liquid for permanent removal of rust spots and dry blood stains.


Actichem Spotaway U Urine Stain & Odour Neutralizer

Actichem Spotaway U removes tough urine stains and odours. This is a stabilized Hydrogen peroxide based spotting agent for powerful urine crystal and stain removal.


Actichem Brownaway - Browning Treatment & Coffee Destainer

Actichem Brownaway is a high activity, professional formula for neutralizing and reversing cellulosic browning, coffee stains and urine stains.


Actichem Spotter for Protein Based Stains

Actichem Spotter is a professionally formulated alkaline/ solvent blend for the removal of protein and organic based stains.


Actichem AP496 Bust Heavy Duty Protein Spotter

Actichem Bust is a heavy duty protein spotter. It  has a radical strength protein and blood removal formulation which also produces outstanding results on cleaning tough soiling from synthetic carpeting.


Actichem Stain Fix KIT 2 Part Stain Remover

Two part colour stain removal kit. Actichem’s AP49 8 Stain Fix is a powerful stain removal system for the removal of colour stains caused by cool drinks, wine, food, beverages and organic substances.


Actichem Red Fix KIT 2 Part Stain Remover

Actichem Red Fix KIT 2 Part Stain Remover is a two part red stain & tannin removal kit. 2 part spot remover kit for powerful stain removal, from red cordial; wine and other tough tannin spots.