Actichem Carpet Protectors

Carpet Protectors

Actichem carpet protectors ensure that your clean carpet, stays clean and free of stains, dirt and mould. The most advanced and up-to-date chemistry in carpet and fabric protection gives Actichem complete confidence in a range of protectors, developed by the leaders in fibre protection technology.

Actichem Fibre Shield Wool Safe Carpet Protector

Actichem Fibre shield, premium carpet protector with advanced fluorochemical polymer technology provides premium protection for nylon and wool carpeting.


Actichem Fabric Shield RTU Water Based Upholstery Protector

Actichem Fabric Shield RTU is an advanced water based fluorochemical fabric protector provides premium protection against water based stains, oil based stains and general grime. In a ready to use, spray and go bottle mainly for doing soft burnishings.


Actichem Fabric Shield SV Solvent Based Fine Fabric Protector

Actichem Fabric Shield SV provides premium protection against water and oil based soils, as well as dry soils on almost all fabric types and leather.