High performance extraction products for every application. The only sure-fire way to ensure a perfect result in any carpet cleaning job, is to use a high quality emulsifier. Through years of experience, Actichem have developed a range of emulsifiers that cover every base. The Actichem emulsifier range has been designed to work hand-in-hand with the pre-spray range for a perfect finish.

Actichem Emulsifier Plus Carpet Extraction Liquid

Actichem Emulsifier Plus is a  high performance extraction liquid. A premium extraction/rinse solution which provides ultra high stability, powerful cleaning and polymer anti-resoiling action.


Actichem Extracta Pro High Temperature Carpet Extraction Powder

Extracta Pro is Actichem's premium quality emulsifier solution which provides powerful cleaning and rinsing action with ultra heat stability.


Actichem Rinse Pro Dual Task Acid Rinse

Actichem Rinse Pro has a premium cleaning action and neutralisation of prespray residues. Actichem's Rinse Pro, a unique dual purpose acid rinse which incorporates anti-resoiling polymers to give you powerful cleaning and pH neutralization.