laundry bin 30 litre - brilliant steel

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30 Litre Laundry Bin

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Our 30 litre stainless steel bin includes a removable and washable laundry bag.

There's no need for you to have your laundry over in a separate basket to carry it to the washing machine. This laundry bin is corrosion resistant, hence, you can simply place it in the bathroom. It has solid lid with special opening to put small items of laundry in the bin without opening the lid. It is easy to use and content hardly visible for more discretion. Removable laundry bag - with elastic and non-skid rim - easy to fix and to remove when carrying. Ventilation holes - allows the laundry to breath. Plastic protective bottom ring - prevents damage to the floor.

Available colours are matt steel, and brilliant steel.

Cotton Laundry Bag to Suit 40 Litre Selector Bin

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This 100% heavy duty cotton replacement selector bin laundry bag works well for all selector laundry bins.
You can segregate your washing light from dark items simply by dropping them into either side. The ecru bag is washable and it has a non slip border which helps keep the bag securely fitted to the top of your laundry bin.
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Ingenious Laundry Bag that open and close makes laundry day a breeze. It is easy to load the washing machine with its large capacity and large opening.

With handle flaps shut, drop soiled clothes right through the Quick-drop opening. Pop the top open on laundry day and it's ready to use bin.It is made of cotton. It has quick-drop opening just fold down the magnetic handles. Its large handles make it easy to carry.

This portable laundry bag is made of quality materials and look nicer than the normal laundry baskets. Available in different colours for sorting easily.  It is easy to carry around, you can put it over your shoulder.