laundry bin 30 litre - brilliant steel

Laundry Bins and Baskets

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Stackable Laundry Box helps you sort laundry neatly and easily by just dropping dirty laundry in and unload ready for washing. The laundry box has a lid at the top and an opening at the front, making it easy to throw laundry in and to empty it.

Stackable Laundry Box features:

Easy to load and unload, opening at the front and at the top
Ideal solution of sorting your washing, stackable
Compact storage, can be quickly folded flat when not in use
Compact design, 35 litre capacity
Easy to move, lightweight and sturdy grips
Available in several colours for easy separation of the laundry
2 year guarantee

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Selector Large Double Laundry Bin is a space-efficient solution for organising your laundry by colours or fabrics which saves you both time and effort in sorting items. It has a double-quick drop opening and two separate compartments laundry bag.

This compact yet large laundry bin only takes the space of only one. It can fit easily into small spaces, can sit up right against a wall or cabinet. Its clever lid keeps contents discreetly from view.

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These laundry bins are smartly designed - you don't need to remove the lid for small laundry items, simply drop in the quick-drop opening. It allows clothes to breath through it's ventilation holes.

A laundry bag sits inside the laundry bin to allow easy removal of your clothes, directly to the washing machine. These laundry bins are made of durable corrosion resistant materials, ideal for the bathroom.

Available in 35L and 60L.