Touch Bin

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This 3 litre touch bin has a silent closing lid with a straightforward and light operation and soft touch closure. 

This bin comes complete with a wall mounting set and instructions; once fitted it is easy to remove from the bracket for cleaning. It has a built-in grip at the rear of the bin which provides easy movement.

 It is complete with a removable lid and plastic inner bucket which can be removed for cleaning.
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This 5 litre stainless steel slide bin is designed for bathrooms, office, kitchen bench or bedroom with its fingerprint proof finish.

You can stay away from touching the bin with its unique opening and closing system which ensures this slide bin opens effortlessly with a one handed movement, then closes soundlessly and automatically. This Slide Bin De Luxe is wall-mountable. This compact and trendy slide bin De Luxe would be a perfect addition to any bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or office. This bin includes a fingerprint proof sheen and bracket for optional wall-mounting. This stainless steel bin is versatile and designed to last even for 10 years. It has protective bottom rim that prevents damage to floors and surfaces.
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Waste bin with two 20 litre plastic removable inner buckets for a functional and easy waste separation solution combined with the stylish design of touch bin.

Changing the bin liners without bending is the special feature to place the inner bucket in its ‘elevated’ position. Its 'Soft-Touch' opening allows silent and light operation. Its independent and removable inner buckets with grips are very useful for emptying and cleaning.

Capacity is 40 litres in all.

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A touch of style and efficiency, 25 litre rectangular touch bin has an easy and light soft touch opening system. The space-efficient shape allows you to put your bin close to the wall or in a corner.


A removable lid unit allows for easy cleaning.

The removable plastic inner bucket has ventilation holes that prevent a vacuum when removing the bag, allowing the bags to be changed easily and the bucket to be kept clean. Space efficient - it fits closely to the wall or conveniently in a corner. It has removable stainless steel lid unit - bin liners easy to change.

This bin comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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A stylish Touch Bin waste bin 30 litre is a must for any living room, kitchen or hobby room. The 'Soft-touch' closing makes opening a joy.

With the removable plastic inner bucket, it's even easy to clean. It has unique hinge design lid that opens silently. Removable stainless steel lid unit - bin liner easy to change. It has unique ventilation holes in inner bucket which allows excess air to escape when you insert the bin liner and prevents vacuum - always easy to change. It has plastic protective rim - prevents damage to the floor.

Available colours are Fingerprint Proof Matt Steel, Matt Black (with black lid) and Lipstick Red.


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This space saving waste bin 40L is essential for your kitchen. It has flat rear shape that fits closely to the wall.

The 'Soft-touch' closing makes opening a joy. It's even very easy to clean with the removable plastic inner bucket. Removable stainless steel lid unit - bin liners easy to change.

It has special ventilation holes in the inner bucket prevent vacuum when removing the filled bin liner. It is made of durable corrosion-resistant materials. It has sturdy carrying handle and plastic protective bottom rim helps prevent damage to the floor.


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This 45 Litre Touch Bin features a timeless slimline design combined with an extra large capacity. Its 'Soft Touch' closure allows easy and light operation.

It has a very unique hinge design which enables lid to open silently. It has removable plastic inner bucket with ventilation holes that prevent a vacuum when removing a full bin liner. Plastic protective rim helps prevent damage to the floor. It is made of corrosion- resistant materials, durable and easy to clean.

Available colours are Fingerprint Proof Matt Steel, and Brilliant Steel.

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Are you looking for extra large touch bin? This allows you to store up up to 50 litres of waste. It has solid metal lid, odour-proof and silent.

It has strong plastic inner bucket which can be removed and easy and quick to clean. Robust pedal mechanism and high quality materials - corrosion resistant. Sturdy carrying handle - easy to move. Non-skid base - pedal bin stands stable, even on wet or polished floors. Plastic floor ring which helps avoid damage to the floor. This bin guarantees 10 years. It has big opening that helps emptying a dustpan with spilling.