Automotive Hardware

Mr Clean Power Plus Microfibre Cloth

Mr Clean Power Plus Microfibre Detailing Cloth ideal for washing, polishing, dusting, windows & more.

MR CLEAN Microfibre Magic Buffing Cloth

Super soft, lint free microfibre for ultimate buffing action.  For ultimate buffing and shine, use this from Mr Clean. Size is 40x40cm.

MR CLEAN Wheel Detailing Brush

MR CLEAN Wheel Detailing Brush removes dirt, grime and tar from wheel or wheel cover. It is perfect for cleaning tyres.

MR CLEAN Micro Magic Clean & Dry Microfibre Pad

2-in-1 glass cleaning pad - with Microfibre on one side and a leather chamois on the other.

MR CLEAN Miracle Wash Pad

Miracle Wash from Mr Clean is made from a new dual weave Microfibre. New technology dual weave Microfibre for extra cleaning power. It cuts through road grime with ease. It is soft and safe on clear coat finishes. It is an easy to use wash pad format for convenience seeker.

MR CLEAN Quik & Dry Cylinder Car Chamois

MR CLEAN Quik & Dry Cylinder uses state of the art chamois technology that lifts water & residue leaving the surface completely dry. It has extra soft & super absorbent when wet.

MR CLEAN Dirt Buster

New generation urethane sponge. It has superior cleaning power. Its shape is maintained even when wet. It has large pores to capture dirt. Super sudsing power.  Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 5.5cm

Mr Clean Power Sponge 2-in-1 Car Wash Sponge

Mr Clean's super sized 2-in-1 car wash sponge with a non-scratch abrasive side for heavy duty cleaning.

Mr Clean Squeegee for Car

Mr Clean Car Squeegee with folding head for easy storage. Its handle extends from 38cm to 58cm.

Mr Clean Miracle Wash Mitt - Dual Weave Microfibre

Mr Clean Miracle Wash Mitt is a 2 in 1 breakthrough Dual weave microfibre, extra effective, captures dirt extra fast. Mesh scrubber for big & tar spots.

Mr Clean Microfibre Chamois Cylinder

Combines the drying power of a chamois with microfibre cleaning power. It combines super absorbency & microfibre cleaning power.

Mr Clean Jumbo Wash Car Sponge

Quality grade car care sponge made from polyether. It has sea sponge large pores guarantees sudsing and water absorption.

Mr Clean Microfibre Clean & Dry Large

2-in-1 glass cleaning pad for car. Microfibre cloth is designed to remove film build up, and microfibre chamois for a streak-free finish.