Laundry I Bathroom I Kitchen Accessories

Soap Dispenser DC800

Soap Dispenser DC800 is easy to install and operate.Refillable internal tank.

Fresh Press Laundry Bag

Ideal to put all your Microfibre cloths and mop heads in and simply throw into washing machine.

Peg Bag Cloth

Dimensions 220mm x 450mm. Assorted colours. Type preferred Colour in       " notes to us" in the checkout area.

Peg Basket Plastic

Robust design and easy to assemble. Hangs on standard lines. 150mm x 200mm x 250mm

Fresh Press Cotton Ironing Board Cover

Assorted colours and designs, washable. Fits 38cm x 138cm boards

Fresh Press n Stick Metallized Ironing Board Cover

Metalised non stick cover. Fits 38cm x 137cm Boards.

Fresh Press Felt Underlay for Ironing Boards

Fits standard boards, can be trimmed to suit various shapes.

Fresh Press Ironing Boar Cover with Underlay

Premium metalised board cover with underlay. Cover reflects heat back for smooth finishes. Velcro strap fasteners provided.

Draingo Dish Drainer

Large plastic coated, will not hurt chinaware.

Blat Fly Swat

100mm x 6mm x 390mm long handle.

Merrifresh Damp Absorber 300g

It helps get rid of moisture and damp odours. It can last up to 2 months or more.