Window Cleaning Tools I Scrapers

Professional Channel & Rubber

High quality stainless steel construction. No end clips required when used with the above handle.

Professional Swivel T bar Washer Handle Only

Fully adjustable swivel handle that fits most poles. Lightweight aluminum rails with sealed ends. Will accept most brand covers.

Professional Washer Sleeve Only

Premium blend of synthetic and microfibers. Designed to provide maximum cleaning and durability. Fully washable with velcro closures to help with fitting.

Professional Squeegee Holster

Durable construction that comes with a belt hook to suit most belts. Holds a 45cm T bar washer and up to 3 squeegees. eliminates the need for a washer bucket. 90mm wide x 130mm deep x 315mm high.
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Professional Extension Pole 2 sections

Aluminum with nylon fittings and tips.

Professional Extension Pole 3 sections

Aluminum with nylon pole locks and end fitting.

Professional Extension Pole End Tip

These style of end tips are the chunky American style paint roller thread. will be able to screw most cobweb heads onto then, or most tolls including cobweb heads will slide over the tapered cone for a interference style fit.
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Professional Extension Pole Locking Cones

Comes with outer and inner pieces. Not available separate.

Economy Aluminum Extension Pole 2 Sections

Ideal for home use where you only need to clean every 3 months or so around your windows etc.

Economy Pole 3 sections 18ft 5.50m

• Light weight aluminium 3 section pole with locking cones
• Replaceable end tip with acme thread for attaching small tools
• Ideal for high reach window work and dusting duties
• Dimensions: extended length 5.5m

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Economy Complete Washer with T Bar

Fixed T bar will fit most extension poles. Quality blended synthetic cover with velcro closures. Great general purpose washer for windows and smooth walls. Affordable applicator for stone work.

Economy Window Cleaning Kit

A complete window cleaning kit for small to medium size jobs. Contains a 35cm washer and 35cm squeegee with Microfibre cloth.
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Economy Window Cleaning Kit with 12 Litre Bucket

A complete window cleaning kit for small to medium size jobs. Contains a 35cm washer and 35cm squeegee with Microfibre cloth and 12 Litre bucket to accommodate washer.
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Economy Car Window Washer Complete Black

Designed for cleaning car and truck windows. Built in strong handle to give the reach. Ideal for service stations, motels, car parks.
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Plastic Scraper with Blade

Replaceable doubled sided blade. Safety cover for protection. fits Edco and mots poles. 95mm x 35mm x 160mm
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Replacement Blades for Plastic Scraper 95mm

Quality steel manufacturing. super sharp with double sided.
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Triumph 2000 Scraper

Retractable blade for safety. Fits most window cleaning extension poles. Easy blade replacement. Dimensions: 150mm wide x 25mm x 175mm
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Triumph MK3 Angled Scraper

The Triumph MK3 Angled Scraper is the right tool for construction cleaning with an extension pole. You will be able to remove stickers, tape, paint, mud and other debris from hard-to-reach windows and glass.

Triumph Mk3 Straight Scraper

Triumph Mk3 Straight Scraper has the double-edged 6-inch blade that gives you eight times the scraping width as compared to most ordinary scrapers.

Triumph Carbon Steel Blades 25Pack

• Safety storage container and blade dispenser in one
• Ultra thin and flexible blades
• Sharpest of the blade range
• Dimensions: 150mm
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Triumph Stainless Steel Blades 25 Pack

• Safety storage container and blade dispenser in one
• Ultra thin and ultra flexible blades
• Rust resistant
• Dimensions: 150mm
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Economy Stainless Steel Squeegee Complete

Available in 14"/35cm and 18"/45cm.