Buckets - Wringer - Ergo and Plastic

OATES Squeeze Mop Bucket 9 Litre

This everyday multi-purpose bucket has handy pouring spout for easy transfer of liquids. Ergonomic handle with comfort grip. Available capacity is 9 litres.

Oates Metal Wringer Bucket - with Castors - 15L

Heavy duty metal bucket with reinforced base. Castors provide greater manoeuvrability. Made from tough fully galvanised metal.

Oates Duraclean Window Cleaners Bucket 18L

Duraclean Window Cleaners Bucket. 45cm long with 18 litre capacity. Perfect for cleaning windows. Unique non-slip grip eliminates hand discomfort.

Moerman Window Cleaners Bucket

Moerman Window Cleaners Buckets are heavy duty plastic bucket with volume indication. With this window cleaning supply, you can easily stash your 45cm/18"  T-bars, washers or squeegees, saving them from dripping all over the place.


Moerman Window Cleaners Bucket Accessories

Tool Holder Clips or wheels for the Moerman Window Cleaners Bucket. Note: Bucket not included - For display purposes

Oates Contractor Mop Bucket

Oates Contractor Mop Bucket with heavy duty plastic body is lightweight and hygienic. Non-slip foot pedal and castors provide greater maneuverability.

Oates Duraclean Mark II Mop Bucket

Best seller Duraclean Mark II Plastic Roller Wringer Bucket 15 Litre from Oates. Ergonomically designed. Lightweight - unlike metal buckets.

Oates Duraclean Ultra Wide Mouth Mop Bucket

Oates Duraclean Mop Bucket with extra wide opening ideal for use with larger mops. Heavy duty plastic is lightweight, hygienic and rust resistant. Ergonomic, easy action plastic wringing system with non-slip foot pedal.

Oates All Australian Mop Bucket 9L

All Australian Mop Bucket 9 Litre. Australian Design Award winner. Effortless one foot wringing operation.

Oates General Purpose Bucket 9 Litre

It is ideal for use with squeeze mops. A perfect general use bucket around the home, garage or factory. Everyday multi-purpose bucket.

Oates 12L Round Bucket with Wire Handle

12l capacity. Industrial strength round plastic bucket with pourer. Water level indications. Wire carry handle for extra strength. Good value for the quality.

Oates Extra Wide Multi-Purpose Bucket - 12 Litre

Translucent design for easy identification of contents. It is ideal for everyday use. Ergonomic handle with comfort grip. It has 12 litres capacity.

Oates Duraclean General Purpose Bucket 12L

Duraclean General Purpose Bucket. 40cm long with 12 litre capacity. Lightweight and chemical resistant. It is shape is compatible with window squeegee up to 450mm.

Oates Divided Pail

Divided Bucket enables dual use of fresh and detergent water. Extra wide pouring spout for easy transfer of liquid. 9 Litre capacity each side - total 18 Litres.

Oates Duraclean All Plastic Mop Bucket 15Lt

All plastic rollers with no metal rod. Translucent durable heavy duty plastic is lightweight, hygienic and rust resistant.

OATES Wide Mouth Contractor Bucket

Extra wide opening to accommodate larger mop heads. It has heavy duty plastic body is lightweight and hygienic.

Oates Duraclean Flat Mop and Window Cleaner Bucket 18Litre

Duraclean Flat Mop window cleaning buckets have extra wide shape, are durable and are chemical resistant with ergonomic handle.

Oates 25L Ergo Bucket

Ergonomic design bucket with elevated castors for reduced bending and easier manoeuvrability. 7 Litre Twin Detachable Buckets ideal for storing chemicals, cloths, clean water and window cleaning equipment.

Oates Ezy Ergo Press Wringer

Oates Ezy Ergo Press Wringer  with high handle position improves leverage for easier wringing action. Removable grille for increased wringing pressure.