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Heavy gauge polypropylene bristles ideal for heavy duty cleaning applications on rough surfaces.
Suitable for oil, grease, and heavy dirt removal.Highly resistant to acids, alkalis and most solvents. It requires a 25mm diameter timber handle. Available in 350mm, 450mm, and 600mm.
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Rake Broom Indoor Broom 30cm wide is effective in cleaning all surfaces . Ideal for tiles, timber floors, vinyl and carpets. Its uniquely curve shaped bristles will ensure that it does not need a lot of effort to clean, plus it can get into corners and edges.

Effective in removing pet hair. It has a combination of fine bristles on one side and coarser bristles, so it can adapt to any floor surfaces you need to clean. This can also be used for sweeping snow. It is compatible with 80/140cm telescopic handle.
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Rake Broom Outdoor Brooom is effective in cleaning all outdoor surfaces  - gardens, patios, driveways, walkways and timber decking. It can even clean rock gardens, pebbled surfaces or cobblestones due to its deep, firm, special curve angled bristles.

The best broom on artificial lawn and can be used for sweeping snow. Sweeping and raking with minimal effort, this cleaning tool is ideally suited for difficult surface structures.  It can also be used in removing cobwebs.
Rake Broom Outdoor Broom is available in 35cm (small) or 45cm (large) working width. It is made from environmentally friendly plantation pine and has hard-wearing, heat-set, nylon bristles. It comes with a robust, lightweight telescopic handle 0.80-1.4m in length.