Made in the USA, Fitwipes brand disinfecting wipes go beyond just cleaning and disinfecting. The fresh lemon scent Antibacterial formula also neutralises odour and lays down a protective barrier on surfaces. Convenient and so simple to use, Fitwipes actually encourage people to maintain a hygienic environment by eliminating the 'hassle factor'.

Using the BEST 8" x 6" fabric, these wipes are generous in size to clean surface areas, and are lint free and highly absorbent for better cleaning.  The cleaning solution is safe to use on plastic, laminates, metals, plexiglass, and any other non-porous surface. Fitwipes contain 800wipes per roll, which is 15-20% more than most other leading brands.

The Antibacterial surface wipes are great for use in Fitness facilities, Allied health, Hotels, Offices and Corporate Facilities, Child care, Schools, & Universities Industry, Health Care...almost anywhere!

"We have tried other brands of wipes but Fitwipes are by far the best.  They're cheaper, last longer, and smell the nicest.  The guys at Fitwipes give really speedy service, and they're a pleasure to deal with" - Anytime Fitness, NSW


Dispenser for Gym Wipes

We offer 2 styles of dispensers to accommodate the fit wipes range. Both dispensers are aesthetically appealing and are white, dark Grey or smokish in colour. One in made in Canada and has a tension adjustment on the outlet which helps with limiting the " pull" or amount of wipes being dispensed. The other is a popular brand which allows for quick access and use. Both are lockable.

Fit Wipes Bucket of 800 wipes

Classic wipes  but in a handy transportable bucket. Ideal for those that wish a more mobile solution and also for customers who wish to trial the product before mounting a more permanent dispenser.

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Fitwipes Starter Kit

Only offered to new customers to get you going with a carton of wipes and dispenser at a reduced purchase price.

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