About Us

We built our business on three things

1. Making sure we give the right advice.
If you need expert advice, you couldn't have arrived at a better place. The staff at Cleaners Supermarket have a wealth of knowledge from years of experience within the cleaning industry. We stock over 8000 products, and we want to identify those items that will help you get a better clean, the first time around.

Everything from chemicals to machinery, dispensers to window cleaning supplies, tools and equipment to personal hygiene - We've been through it all. We can explain to you why one cleaning product is more suited to your application than another, and take the time to guide you to the solutions that will save you on labor, time and money!

2. Making sure we have the right price.
We know how tight money is these days, so we like to make sure our prices always leave a little bit left in your pocket! If you're doing a big job, such as fitting out a new premise with bins and dispensers or equipping your staff with new vacuums, we're always happy to sharpen our pencil and give you a bulk purchasing discount.

We save local households hundreds of dollars each year by connecting them with bulk and concentrate cleaning products that are so cost effective, they never have to go down the cleaning isle in the major supermarkets again! Stop throwing money away on brand names where you pay for water and marketing. If you add up everything you spend in that isle in your local supermarket, you would be amazed at what your yearly bill comes too.

3. Making sure we provide fast delivery.
You often don't think about what cleaning products you need until you've completely run out! We understand that when you place an order, you want it yesterday. If you clean professionally, you might have jobs coming up that you can't complete until you get your specialist goods. That's why we pride ourselves on keeping as much in stock in store as possible so we can get your good out the door ASAP!

We employ 11 staff members. Our shop has 1500m2 including showroom and warehouse. It would be hard to find a shop in the cleaning industry as well stocked. We courier all over the country, and we have a 2 trucks on the road full time servicing Sydney. We're absolutely committed to getting you your order in the shortest possible time. When you need to get it right, place your trust in us.