100mm Scrapers

Wagtail 4" 100mm Window Scraper

Integrated washer wets glass as scraper is being used to prevent scratching

• Adjustable pivoting head to get the optimum angle to the window & frames

• Handle easily attaches to extension poles

• Blade & washer pad are easily replaceable

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Moerman Premium Scraper

Moerman Premium Scraper with Bi-component handle made from Anti-slip material. Soft-touch, Ergonomic Smooth surface. Secure grip, even when wet. 10 cm/4" wide scraping surface.

Unger Ergotec 4" Short Handle Scraper

Reversible tempered 10cm steel blade has blunt edge for cement or stucco work and a razor edge for scraping paint and tape.Two component handle with rubber insert to stop slipping also improves comfort in the hand.

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Pack of 25

Unger Trim 100mm Scraper

Unger Trim 100mm Scraper is a double-edged blade made from tempered Swedish steel. Conforms to glass for professional results. Use hand-held or lock into PROHANDLE to use with pole.
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Unger Pro Trim Scraper

Unger Pro Trim small and convenient - pocket sized blade.

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Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm

Unger Maxi Scraper is an ergonomic handle, rubber-coated. Blade protection cap ensures safety. With razor-edge and blunt-edge

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Short Handle Scraper 10cm Blades

Heavy duty build scraper for windows. 4" (100mm) blade. Replacement blades available in a pack of 10.

Ettore Scraper Scrapemaster 4"

Ettore Scraper Scrapemaster fits Ettore extension poles for high reach cleaning. Includes snap-on cover. 4" flexible double-edged blade.