Mould Remediation

Moldstat PLUS

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This American Manufactured product is an alternative to bleach.  This fungicide, mildew-cide, disinfectant, and sanitizer eliminates a broad range of bacteria, including mold and mildew and is formulated for the mold remediation and restoration professional.

Used on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Recommended for finished and unfinished wood, Gyprock, paneling, concrete, brick, stucco, plastic, metals and carpets.

Effective when dealing with water damage, sewage backup and flood mitigation.

Available in 3.78 Litres and 475ml

So Safe Surface Revival

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SoSafe mould removal products for exterior and interior surfaces are proven products, designed to remove and prevent algae, mould and mildew in problem areas. SoSafe mould remover products are gentle on surfaces and are easy to use.

SoSafe mould removal products can be either sprayer on the surface and left to allow the rain to do the work for you or you can use SoSafe as a cleaning aid ie spray and scrub for instant results. SoSafe mould removal products were originally developed for commercial applications are now available for domestic use!

Mould removal products for building exteriors

Over time pathways, commercial buildings and home exteriors deteriorate in appearance looking tired from the effects of the environment including mould, mildew, moss, pollution, dirt and other airborne particles that have settled on the exterior. SoSafe specially formulated External Surface Revival to bring these exterior surfaces back to their original condition whilst retarding future mould growth for up to twelve months.

Mould removal products for building interiors

Managing mould on home interiors and in commercial applications often results in the use of smelly, corrosive, oxidisers such as bleach or chlorine based cleaners. While these cleaners appear to work they tend to bleach the mould spores rather than killing the spores, resulting in mould regrowth in relatively short time periods. SoSafe Spray Away eliminates the need for these harmful alternatives whilst delivering safer, longer lasting results without the risk of damaging uniforms, clothes or other fabrics (NOTE: Some fabrics are affected by any moisture and contact with chemical should be avoided).

So Safe Surface Revival Empty Bottle with witches Hat

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To use the so Safe external Revival . Can buy Canyon triggers that will fit onto this threaded bottle.

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Lencia Spray and forget,bathroom cleaner concentrate *with natural mildewicide/mouldicide.

Spraying daily dissolves bathroom scum, calcium build-up and prevents mould forming. Can be used directly on baths, hand basins, ceramic tiles, toilets and urinals.

It is designed to be sprayed and left on the surface where it will continue to act on bathroom grime mould and mildew.

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Chemtech BC36 Mould and Mildew Killer works effectively on mould, mildew, moss and algae that grow in moist, warm or high humidity areas.

It is perfect for use in bathrooms, showers, kitchens and laundries, on tiles, grouting, ceramics, plaster, vinyl and painted surfaces. BC36 is excellent for exterior use on roofs, gutters, tiles, concrete pavers, blocks and brickwork.

This powerful and proven formulation for mould and mildew removal is available in a variety of sizes from leading hardware retailers; RTU 750ml & concentrated 950 and 4L.

It works by killing the mould spores that cause regrowth, ensuring that your application will give you protection from mould and mildew for a long time. It also removes timber and sap stains from brickwork and concrete blocks.

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Enzyme Wizard Mould and Mildew is a concentrated formula specifically blended for mold and mildew remediation. All purpose bathroom kitchen spray and wipe.

It has rapid penetrating action which breaks down and cleans accumulated debris.  It effectively and safely cleans fungus, mould spores and mildew. It eliminates odours by destroying the source.

Available in 1L twin,1L ready to use, 5L Jerry Can, 10L Cube,20L Cube, and 200L. Empty 500ml, 1L twin bottle, and 1L spray bottles are also available.

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Diggers Eco In-Ground Timber Protecta is a non hazardous ‘creosote alternative’ that provides a tough bitumen coating to improve protection against moisture and deterioration on timber and masonry surfaces.

It contains ingredients that help inhibit mould, rot and other corroding effects on timber and masonry surfaces. This is a safer alternative to common timber treatments.
Flexible UV coating which expands and contracts with the timber. It is aasy to apply with brush, spray, roller or by dipping. Available in 1L, 4L, and 10L.

Simple Green Indoor Mould Stain Remover RTU 946ml Spray

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It is a safer solution to removing mould and algae from your shower tiles without having to inhale those harsh fumes that other mould removers produce.

It is non-acidic, non-caustic, contains no bleach and it deodorises as it cleans! Bleach free solution won't discolor surfaces.

How It Works

Simple Green Indoor Mould Stain Remover penetrates the surface and loosens the dirt that the biologicals are growing in. Once loose, they are easily removed with a scrub and then a wipe down with a clean damp cloth. And you don't have to worry about regrowth as it leaves a mild residue that will deter and eliminate the fast regrowth of mould!.

Where To Use
Use on indoor surfaces such as ceiling tiles, shower walls, laundry surfaces and more.