Hard Ward Stain Removal I Deoxidising I New Builders Cleans

Unger RubOut hard Water Stain Remover 500ml

Unger RubOut Professional glass cleaner for removing hard-water stains, rust, mineral deposits, lime scale and soap scum.

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Mr Hardwater Liquid Glass Polish

Mr Hard Water® 2 Liquid Glass Polish is superior to cerium oxide and is comprised of 1300 nm polishing particles (50 times smaller than powder abrasives) fully suspended in deionized water, making it ready-to-use.

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Diamond Magic Hard Water Stain Remover 1 Qt

Do you have nasty hard water stains? Diamond Magic Hard Stain Remover is made with real diamonds, creme compound especially formulated to remove water spots and polishes surfaces. 


Ettore Water Spot Remover Scrub Off

Ettore Water Spot Remover Scrub Off is great for water spots, rust and mineral stains. Convenient Liquid paste,Squirt bottle for easy dispensing.

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Water Spot Remover 10oz Tub

Water Spot Remover cuts through hard water deposits and soap scum. This paste is ideal for glass shower doors, windows, tile, porcelain, chrome and mirrors.

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Bugga Off Liquid Glass Hard Stain Remover

Bugga Off Liquid Glass Stain Remover is a tough, heavy duty hard water stain remover for glass. For use on mineral deposits, dirt, rust, calcium stains, soap scum, corrosion, cement leeching, limescale, paint smears, grime, glue, chalking, silica & oxidation without scratching the surface. It helps clean, remove, polish and protect glass.

Hound Dog Hard Water Powder Stain Remover

Ettore Hound Dog Used to remove hard water stains from glass. Powder mixes into a paste and is rubbed onto the shaded glass.


Liquid Gold Glass Cleaning Concentrate 1L and 5L

4 IN 1 Professional window-cleaning/restoration concentrate,
Liquid Gold is all you will ever need.


Crete-Wash Safe Concrete Removal – Cretewash

Cretewash is a unique and safe formulation designed to remove dry set concrete without damage to the surface underneath.

Chemitek Water Softening Agent

Chemitek Water Softening Agent is more than just your ordinary softening agent. It is precisely engineered to counteract minerals from hard water, making your cleaning routine more effective and your surfaces gleaming.

Chemitek Antistatic Solar Armor

Combat dust and dirt accumulation on your solar panels with Chemitek Antistatic Solar Armor. Unleash your solar panels’ maximum efficiency

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Chemitek Lichen Removal Agent

Chemitek Lichen Removal Agent is formulated from biodegradable ingredients to ensure that it does not contain harmful chemicals that can cause adverse reactions to you, your panels or the environment.

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Chemitek Solar Wash Protect 50

Chemitek Solar Wash Protect Solution is the perfect answer to maintaining the peak performance of your PV solar panels while staying true to environmental sustainability.

Chemitek Cement Removal Agent

Chemitek Cement Removal Agent is the answer you have been waiting for. Say goodbye to tedious and endless scraping and scratching, and say hello to effortless and effective maintenance.

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Chemitek Paint Removal Agent

Chemitek Paint Removal Agent is the safe cleaning agent you can count on to restore the clarity of your glass surface to ensure optimal energy capture.

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