Detergent for Windows I Washer Chemicals

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Easy Squeegee Wash and Rinse, no ammonia, all-in-one wash and rinse with excellent cleaning power water fed detergent for the real professional.  It has a great finish and shine on windows.

It softens water and reduces dirt redeposition. Advanced wetting and rinsing agents for air drying. The ideal detergent for water fed systems, low foaming, powerful and easy rinse.
For use in the Go H2O Pro and Go H2O Maxi DI systems with Detergent Dispenser to provide that cleaning power.

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Easy Squeegee Medium Foam is a detergent formulated for exceptional finish and shine on glass with less effort. Save time with 10-20% improved efficiency. Provides lubrication and cleaning power for blade scraping.

For use with squeegee window cleaning work.
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Easy Squeegee High Foam is easy to see detergent for glass with less effort. Save time with 10-20% improved efficiency. Provides lubrication and cleaning power for blade scraping.

Easy Squeegee High Foam is formulated for streak and smear free window cleaning! Get yours now.  Available in 1L, 5L, and 25L.
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Easy Squeegee Low Foam is a quick rinsing detergent for glass. It has no ammonia, phosphates or hazardous ingredients. It provides lubrication and cleaning power for blade scraping.

For fast clear results when cleaning windows, use Easy Squeegee window cleaning solutions! For use with squeegee window cleaning work.
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Easy Wipe Fast Cleaning Spray & Wipe Detergent is an industrial strength cleaner and polisher for use on glass, perspex, benchtops, appliances, lead lights, stainless steel & chrome surfaces.

- Cleans stainless steel and chrome surfaces
- Safe on tinted glass or perspex
- Excellent for removing grime on windows

When you need to buy no ammonia, streak-free fast drying spray and wipe detergent, Easy Wipe is for you!

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Easy Screens is an industrial strength cleaner formulated to clean, seal and protect window and door screens. This non-corrosive and non-toxic cleaner is for use on aluminium, vinyl and fibreglass screens & frames.

- Protects fabrics from the elements
- Non-corrosive and non-toxic
- Reduces maintenance cleaning
- No ammonia
- Simply wipe on, no rinsing required
Available in 1L, 5L, and 20L
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Professional Unger's Liquid, economic and eco-friendly Window cleaning soap, liquid concentrate with excellent cleaning power. Mixing ratio 1:100.

- low-foaming and residue free
- solution of choice for professional window cleaners.

To use, simply add to water. For use with all UNGER window-cleaning squeegees and washers.

Squeegee off by Ettore 946ml

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Squeegee-Off™ Cleaning Soap dissolves tough dirt, grime and grease leaving a streak-free shine. This 32 oz. concentrate is ammonia-free and biodegradable.low foaming

Ettore Squeegee Off Tablets

Pack of 100
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Easy to use and carry in your pouch the Ettore Squeegee Off Tablets are environmentally friendly, concentrated tablets with patented effervescent technology that will give you streak free results.
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Unger Gel is highly effective cleaning gel, works on the dirtiest of windows. Skin-friendly, biodegradeable, thick formulation for better dispensing control.

It can be applied directly to washers.

Glass Gleam Solar

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Superb results for all glazed panels & solar cells. This product restores photovoltaic efficiency.
Product Description

Will not harm glass panels, plastics, or metals. Balanced pH. Kind to hands. Environmentally friendly super-concentrate.Superb results for all glazed panels & solar cells.Restores photovoltaic efficiency. Dilution at 20ml per 4 Litres of water.Rinse, power jet or squeegee. Smaller panels can be cleaned with the typical washer/mop and squeegee technique. Many window cleaners are now using their water-fed poles to clean solar panels; especially large areas where the worker cannot walk between the panels. The pure water is a great cleaning agent and will suffice if the panels are cleaned regularly.

Glass Protection — Another trend in the solar panel cleaning sector is the protection of the glass so it better cleans when it rains, and reduces the ability of pollutants to adhere to the glass. This service should be charged for in addition to the cleaning, and may need to be reapplied every year or so depending on the environment.

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Peerless Window Wash Concentrate removes finger marks, dust, oils and greases, lipstick and ink. Glass cleaner contains no waxes or oily substances, leaving a streak-free, sparkling clean surface every time.

1 TO 10 CONCENTRATE. Concentrated Formula. Non Streak with Ammonia. Fast cleaning action on window glass, porcelain, mirrors, laminates, tiles, sinks, baths, plastic furniture and metal cabinets.
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Sparkle Daily Shower Clean help your shower clean,shine, soap scum free, mould free and freshly scented.

 No hard work is needed. Simply spray a light mist over the shower each day and it will do the hard work for you.

Keep your shower sparkling with Sparkle Daily Shower Clean!

Spring fresh Fragrance -  citric & rustic top notes with spice & woody undertones which all work together to accentuate the lavender heart.

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Sparkle for Mould effectively kills mould and germs fast in the bathroom, shower and toilet.

If you are to try anywhere else in the home, we suggest trying it in an inconspicuous area first before attempting the entire area.Stop worrying on how to stop mould problems! Try this Sparkle for Mould at a very affordable price.
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Easy to use glass cleaner for outdoor glasses and windows. It effectively removes water spots.
To use Sparkle for Outdoor Glass is easy by using click and spray system.
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30 Seconds Window Wonder Indoor Glass Cleaner is an easy and quick to clean indoor glass leaving a shine and streak-free glass and mirrors. It has a barrier technology that protects against odours, staining and discoloration caused by mould and mildew.

It is suitable to use on French doors and glass windows, mirrors, wooden stained, painted and aluminium window sills.
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How to clean outdoor windows easily and effectively? 30 Seconds Window Wonder Outdoor Glass Cleaner with rapid hose end application makes cleaning outdoor glass windows quickly on a medium to large house to a 2nd storey windows.

It doesn't require mixing or scrubbing. Simply spray it on and rinse it off.  The Rapid hose end deflector provides a FAN Spray for wide coverage, it can even reach 2nd storey of your house. You don't need a ladder. It can cover of up to 300 sq m. It works well on french doors and glass windows, mirrors, wooden stained, painted and aluminium window sills.