Window Cleaning Sprays

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This is one of the best window and shiny surface cleaners ever made. Fast dry means window and glass mirrors can be cleaned in half the time. No residue, smear-free, pleasant deodorising fragrance.

Speeds up the task of cleaning windows, shiny painted, laminated and chrome surfaces.

Halo is Ideal for General Cleaning:
Porcelain Floors
Tabletops and benches
Mirrors and Glass Refrigerators
Desks and Chairs
Fixtures and Fittings Automotive
Chrome and Stainless Steel
Aluminium Window Frames
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Clear Reflections Window and Glass Cleaner is a fast drying, streak free formulation designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, computer screens, enamel, formica and many other surfaces.

Clear Reflections Window and Glass Cleaner can be used to remove fingerprints and greasy marks from many surfaces.Clear Reflections Window and Glass Cleaner features:
    Boosted alkalinity for multipurpose use
    Streak free cleaner
    Multi-task cleaning formula
    Fast acting ensures a quick and easy clean
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An ammonia free window cleaner best for mirrors, windows.

Sparkle is an ammonia based, non streaking glass cleaner that will clean all glass surfaces and chrome. Sparkle leaves a smear and strek free finish.
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Status Non Smear Glass Cleaner cleans and brightens all glass or glazed surfaces, windows, mirrors and showcases. It is recommended that a chamois is used to obtain a smear-free premium finish at all times.

It removes accumulated grease, grime, smoke and other soils. It doesn’t leave streaks, film or residue to cause resoiling. Available in 500ml, 5L, 15L, 15 bag in box, 25L, and 205L.

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Sparkle Plenty Crystal Chandelier is a unique formula designed to effectively remove dust and dirt on crystal beads on chandeliers. It is safe for all finishes and leaves no residue.  You don't need to wipe. Simply spray and let drip dry.

If you have a chandelier which had not been cleaned in years and was not sparkly anymore, Sparkle Plenty Crystal Chandelier Cleaner is the solution. It will make it look sparkly and new. It can clean clear or colored plastic, crystal, and porcelain.