Solucare Systems

SOLUCARE’s revolutionary new range of commercial grade cleaning products are designed in a unique controlled dose concept, that has taken Europe, Scandinavia and Africa by storm.

The SOLUCARE Vision is an innovative and simple cleaning solution for an industry which has seen little change or progression with regards to chemical supply. The above video says it all.


Solucap Multipurpose

Multipurpose- developed for cleaning, degreasing and shining most kinds of modern surfaces.  


Solucap Bathroom Cleaner

Developed for the regular cleaning of all surfaces within the washroom or bathroom environment. Will remove soap scum and lime scale. Leaves a pleasant perfume.

Solucap Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner

A low foaming glass and stainless steel cleaner, which removes grease and grime from glass and stainless steel, leaving all surfaces streak free.


Solucap Food Safe Sanitiser

Suitable for use in all food preparation and handling areas.

Solucap Foodsafe Degreaser

A general purpose degreaser, which

effectively removes oils, greases and grime from hard surfaces where food preparation and food contact occurs.


SoluDoz Floor and Wall Cleaner Degreaser

Formulated to clean and degrease all washable surfaces.

SoluDoz Neutral Cleaner

Developed for the regular maintenance of delicate floors and surfaces. It cleans effectively without damage to the surface and is pleasantly perfumed to leave the premises fresh and clean.

SoluDoz Wyritol 33

Developed for disinfecting, decontaminating and cleaning floors and surfaces in all areas.

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