Uniters Light Coloured Leather Care Kit Maxi

Are you looking for products to clean your light coloured leather? Uniters Light Coloured Leather Care Kit is what you need, providing your leather with extra care and protection.
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Leather Master Rapid Cleaner S

Keep your resistant upholstery and protected leathers looking great with Leather Master Rapid Cleaner S. It is a concentrated cleaner for resistant upholstery leather: car seats, airline seats, motorcycle seats or other pigmented leathers, as well as resistant shoe and handbag leathers.

Leather Cleaner Cream 950ml

Leather Cleaner Cream and conditioner is specially formulated to safely and effectively clean smooth pigmented leather.

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Leather Master Leather Universal Cleaner

Leather Master Universal Cleaner is a high power, water-based stain remover, strongest cleaner in this range designed to tackle heavy soiling and difficult stains such as coffee or red wine.


Leather Master Leather Soft Cleaner

Leather Soft Cleaner is a mild, water-based detergent, which will remove general soiling and water-based stains. Soft Cleaner is pH neutral, so it is gentle enough to be used regularly on leather furniture, shoes, handbags and clothing.


Leather Master Super Cleaner Alcohol-based Leather Stain Remover

Leather Master Super Cleaner is a strongest cleaner in our Leather Care products range. It will remove dye transfer, newspaper print and deep stains when nothing else will. It will also remove old ink stains.


Colour Transfer Remover - Leather Dye and Print Transfer

Colour Transfer Remover is easy and quick to apply, removes tough pigment and dye-based stains such as dye transfer, ink, and print transfer.  It is highly effective on stains while being relatively gentle on leather as it uses the latest advancements in cleaning technology to gently draw stains to the surface of the leather, where they can be easily removed.


Leather Master Ink Away - Leather Fresh Inks Stain Remover

Are you having problems on how to remove fresh ink stains on your leather? Worry no more  - Leather Master Ink Away is the solution in removing this most difficult stain without damaging the leather.


Leather Master Ink Killer - Leather Old Ink Marks Remover

Leather Master Ink Killer Gel is extremely effective in removing old, cured stains for leather, & plastic parts that other cleaners can not remove. With Ink Killer Gel, you can have plenty of working time since it is slow-drying.

Leather Master Spew Remover

Are you having problems on how to remove leather Spew?  Leather Master Spew Remover are designed to effectively remove fat spew from leather.


Leather Master Soft Remover Solvent-Based Remover Dry Cleaning Fluid

Leather Master Soft Remover is a solvent-based cleaner to remove surface grease and dirt particles in the surface finish before re-coloring with Leather Colour . This remover is used to prepare leather for repair. Can be used as a dry-cleaning fluid or remover.

500ml Spray Bottle

Leather Master One Wipe 2-in-1 Water-Based Cleaner and Conditioner

Are you looking for cleaner and conditioner for pigmented leather? Well, Leather Master One Wipe Wipe does this for you.  Ideal for a fast, all-over clean and polish. Leather One Wipe will leave your furniture clean and rejuvenated in no time.
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Uniters Natural Leather Care Kits

For the all-in-one gentle care of your aniline leather furniture, Uniters Natural Leather Care Kit is what you need. Perfect for regular cleaning and protection from general soiling and staining.

Uniters Pure Leather Conditioner 236ml

Uniters Pure Leather Conditioner is a phosphate-free, biodegradable, water-based product that will keep your leather soft and supple and help to prevent soiling and water, oil and alcohol-based stains.
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Howard Leather Cleaner 473ml

Howard Leather Cleaner is safe, environment-friendly and effective, leather cleaner that contains all natural ingredients to use on leather furniture, car leather, leather luggage, shoe and accessories. It gently removes dirt, grime, dust and other stains.
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Howard Leather Conditioner 236ml

Howard Leather Conditioner  is a creamy conditioner that penetrates, preserves and protects smooth leather.  It helps leather resist cracking, scuffing, and dry rot and contains no harmful solvents or silicones.
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