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Peerless Aquaseal Semi Permanent Resilient Floor Seal

Aquaseal Semi Permanent Resilient Floor Seal is a high fill sealer for resilient flooring and is intended as a base seal for all subsequent Peerless Finishes. A full program of finishes to protect and enhance wood, cork and parquetry.

Agar Once Off Tile Cleaner 5L

Agar Once Off Tile CLeaner is a very concentrated, highly-alkaline hard surface cleaner/detergent specially made for cleaning ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles that are difficult to clean. Removes in-grained dirt that others can't.

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Spirit H.D.C Heavy Duty Cleaner

Spirit HDC is a concentrated heavy duty alkaline cleaner designed for the tough cleaning jobs. Used to remove heavy build on tiles & grout. For use on all types of tiles & stone, except sensitive polished stone.


Spirit Phosphoric Acid Cleaner Grout Smear Removal

Phosphoric Acid Cleaner is a concentrated heavy duty acid cleaner developed to remove cement, mortar & grout residue for newly tiled surfaces. It dissolves rust, efflorescence & hard water deposits. It is much safer to use than Hydrochloric Acid.


Spirit Efflorescence Off Commercial Grade Acid Cleaner

Efflorescence Off is a specialty product that combines a strong blend of acids & detergents for removing efflorescence, salts & mineral marking. This commercial grade acid cleaner is very effective at removing rust, grout & hard water deposits.


Spirit Bright As Chlorinated Cleaner

Spirit Bright As is a concentrated sanitizing chlorinated detergent that removes organic staining & marking. Primarily used to treat outside areas from leaf marks & tannin stains. Safe to use on most Natural stone, tiles & pavers.


Spirit Safe Stripper Effective Acrylic Sealer and Paint Stripper

Spirit Safe Stripper is a user friendly safe water soluble stripper used to remove Spirit coating sealers. Designed to remove acrylic coatings on all natural stone & man made tiles. For best results use Spirit HDC.


Agar Magic Neutral All Purpose Detergent

3M Neutral Cleaner Concentrate 9.5L

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Actichem Stone Polishing Powder

Actichem's Stone Polishing Powder is made using the highest grade of crystal abrasive commercially available. It is a premium grade of polishing powder which is made in the USA, exclusively for Actichem.


Spirit Premium Seal Solvent Based Penetrating Sealer

Premium Seal is a solvent based penetrating sealer that provides a natural looking finish on porous stone & tiles, with high stain resistance and long life benefits.


Spirit Natural Paving Seal Solvent Based Penetrating Sealer

Natural Paving Seal is a solvent based penetrating sealer that provides a natural looking finish on pavers & stone, with high stain resistance and long life benefits.


Spirit Uni Seal Solvent Based Surface Sealer

Uni-Seal is a solvent based surface sealer that provides wet glossy look that can withstand the elements. Designed for use on concrete & natural stones.

Spirit Premium Grout Sealer 300g Aerosol

Premium Grout Sealer is a solvent based penetrating sealer that provides a natural looking finish on porous grout, tiles & stone, with high stain resistance and long life benefits. Excellent for countertops, splash backs & wall tiles.

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Agar Autobrite Wash and Polish Detergent - Floor Cleaner and Sealer 5L

Agar Autobrite Wash and Polish Detergent is a convenient floor cleaner and sealer replenisher in one product. It will remove all types of routine soilage from vinyl, marble, terrazzo and timber, leaving a fresh micro-film of high-quality buffable sealer. Only for low-speed buffing.

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Agar Shinywash Pine-Scented Floor Cleaner and Restorer

Agar Shinywash is a biodegradable, pine-scented floor cleaner and restorer which simultaneously cleans and polishes the floor’s surface. It removes all types of routine floor soilage from vinyl, timber, linoleum and stone floors.

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Spirit Water Based Premium Seal Low VOC Penetrating Sealer

Water-based Premium Seal is a low VOC penetrating sealer based in water that provides a natural looking finish on all natural stone & tiles; it performs against staining unlike any other water-based product on the market.


Spirit Pre Seal Water-Based Penetrating Sealer

Pre-seal is a water-based penetrating sealer used for pre-sealing porous natural stone, tiles & pavers. It is designed to reduce the porosity of very porous stone & tiles to protect them from damage in the laying process.


Spirit Neutral Cleaner Everyday General Purpose Cleaner

Spirit Neutral cleaner is a fully biodegradable pH neutral detergent, safe for use on all surfaces that can be cleaned with water. Ideal maintenance cleaner for sensitive stones such as: Polished Marble & Limestone. Everyday cleaner for all types of tiles and stone.

Spirit Rejuvenate Cleaner and Protector

Rejuvenate is an effective biodegradable cleaner that extends the life of existing penetrating sealers. Safe to use for use on all natural stone, polished porcelain, vitrified, ceramic man made clay & concrete products.

Spirit Porcelain Creme Versatile Spot Cleaner 500ml

Spirit Porcelain Crème is an environment-friendly, strong non scratch abrasive cleaner made to remove stubborn surface soiling and marking. It is very effective at removing wax off polished porcelain, it a versatile cleaner that can remove a wide variety of marks on a wide variety of stone & tile surfaces.

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