Hagleitner Dosing System

Hagleitner provides a highly intelligent, environment-friendly housekeeping system - Ready 2GO. It uses up to 80% less water than standard dosing devices.

For the last 15 years, HAGLEITNER has pursued a philosophy: producing concentrated detergents to the highest quality
standards, minimizing the costly water transport and therefore preserving the environment.

Our expertise and the continuous development of groundbreaking formulas together with the dosing technology have created the intelligent cleaning system integral 2GO. Exact dosing of detergents, simply mixed with the necessary quantity of water. Ready 2GO.

Hagleitner Integral 2Go Dispenser

Hagleitner Integral 2Go Dispenser is the most precise device in its class. Powerful high concentrates, unique design and state-of-the-art technology, perfectly dosed. Your benefits at a glance.

Hagleitner Integral 4Plus Dispenser - Advanced Dishwashing System

Hagleitner Intergral 4Plus is a true ware washing gamechanger. It combines highly concentrated cleaners for dishes and glasses, highly concentrated rinse-aid, and a truly innovative dosing system that is as efficient as it is intelligent.

Hagleitner Ecosol Power Dishwash Liquid Detergent 4kg

Ecosol POWER is the detergent for professional dishwashers and glassware washing machines. Ecosol POWER is extremely economical and usable up to a water hardness at 20° dH. Ecosol POWER is NTA-, EDTA- and phosphate-free.

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Hagleitner Ecosol Brite N Liquid Rinse Aid 2.6L

Ecosol BRITE N is a concentrated, neutral rinse-aid for glass- and dishwashing for use with the integral 4PLUS dispenser.

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Hagleitner Floorstar 2Go Universal Floor Cleaner 2.6L

Floorstar 2GO is suitable as both a manual and machine floor cleaner. Floorstar 2GO has a fresh odour of oranges, excellent wetting properties and cleaning power. Floorstar 2GO is ideally suitable for soaking of mop covers (i.h.s. system).

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Hagleitner Power 2Go Powerful Stone and Tile Cleaner 2.6L

Power 2GO is a concentrated floor cleaner, suitable as both a manual and machine floor cleaner of stone and tiled floors. Power 2GO penetrates for poredeep cleanliness on safety tiles, wellness and sanitary areas. Power 2GO is ideally suitable for soaking of mop covers (i.h.s. system).

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Hagleitner Active 2GO Fat-Dissolving Kitchen Cleaner 2.6L

Active 2GO is a concentrated grease-dissolving, alkaline kitchen cleaner with a fresh scent of lemon for the daily maintenance cleaning of water-resistant surfaces such as working surfaces, cooker hoods, inventory, floor surfaces.


Hagleitner Allround 2Go Concentrated Glass and All-Purpose Cleaner 2.6L

Allround 2GO is a powerful glass and all-purpose cleaner with a fresh, flowery odour. Allround 2GO is a grease and dirt-dissolving cleaner for use on all glossy, smooth surfaces such as mirrors, glass, and inventory.


Hagleitner Hygienic Des 2Go Neutral Surface Disinfectant 2.6L

Hagleitner Hygienic Des 2Go is an unscented, commercial grade disinfectant with a broad microbiological efficacy spectrum against pathogens of practical relevance, and is proven effective against COVID-19 in 90 seconds.


Hagleitner Sanitary 2Go Lime Solving Sanitary Cleaner 2.6L

Hagleitner Sanitary 2Go is a concentrated sanitary cleaner for use with the integral 2GO dispenser.