Agar Cleaning Essentials

Agar Cleaning Essentials is a professional range of safe and non-toxic chemicals that deliver great cleaning results.

This range has been put together to help individuals improve their cleaning habits, and is all about providing you with first class cleaning products and information that will enable you to work effectively and efficiently.

Agar Cleaning Chemicals Essentials Range

Agar Once Off Tile Cleaner 5L

Agar Once Off Tile CLeaner is a very concentrated, highly-alkaline hard surface cleaner/detergent specially made for cleaning ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles that are difficult to clean. Removes in-grained dirt that others can't.


Agar Chloradet Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Agar Chloradet Hospital Grade Disinfectant highly concentrated foaming cleaner with caustic and bleaching action that cleans walls, baths, showers, glass, porcelain, unpolished tiled floors.


Agar Exit Carpet Detergent

Agar Exit Premium Carpet liquid detergent is used as addition to the tank of carpet hot-water extraction machines. Also ideal as a carpet stain pre-spotter prior to cleaning.


Agar Flash-dry Glass and Shiny Surface Cleaner

Agar Flash-dry Glass and Shiny Surface water-based alcohol boosted cleaner with rapid evaporation.


Agar Bowl Clean Antibacterial Toilet and Urinal Cleaner

Agar Bowl Clean is an antibacterial toilet and urinal cleaner. This acid-based powerful detergent dissolves all types of deposits, stains and rust from, porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel leaving a pot-pourri fragrance.


Agar Tango Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Agar Tango is a hospital grade disinfectant at 1:10 dilution. It has a dual action - kills germs and deodorises with floral-candy perfume.


Agar Dirt-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser

Agar Dirt-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser rips through the toughest dirt, mud, oil, grease, hardened fats and grime. It is an ultimate all round heavy-duty detergent/degreaser for instantly removing all kinds of industrial dirt.


Agar Fresco All Purpose Washroom Cleaner

Agar Fresco is an all purpose washroom cleaner with organic ingredients.  It is nox-toxic, biodegradable Used neat for toilets, urinals, showers, diluted for floors, walls, basins and fixtures.


Agar Lemon Commercial Grade Disinfectant

Agar Lemon is a fresh citrus-scented commercial grade disinfectant and deodoriser with detergent ingredients to provide a powerful 3-way action of cleaning, removal of bacteria and odour treatment.


Agar Wipe-away Spray and Wipe Detergent

Agar Wipe-Away Spray and Wipe Detergent is an economical, versatile fast-working spray and wipe cleaner with perfume that leaves surfaces smelling clean. It can remove all types of daily soilage from hard surfaces, without leaving streaks.


Agar pH-7 Neutral Detergent

ph-7 Neutral Detergent is environmentally preferred detergent suitable for both floors and general cleaning. It is citrus based, it is suitable for marble, terrazzo and other alkali-sensitive surfaces.


Agar Freshmop Lemon Scented Neutral Cleaner

Agar Freshmop lemon scented neutral hard floor cleaner is economical, non-toxic, safe to use on sensitive surfaces like terrazzo, marble and slate. Rinse free.