Mould problems on hard surfaces such as walls and roof or soft furnishings like carpet and fabric has been increasing in 2021 as Australia gets plenty of rain. The need to find an effective cleaner and spore killer is at its highest in decades. Luckily the team at Actichem have put some extra products on the menu this year. Its important to note that a sodium hypochlorite based solution can often be misguiding. if a product says Mould Remover, it can remove the mould but not kill the spore which leads to rapid regrowth. Ideally the best way is to kill the spore. We have recently added this page with invention of some new products that are quite outstanding in this area.

In summary : you need to know what type of job you are faced with to better understand the product suited for your requirements. If you have visible mould and wish to clean it and kill the spore then some rapid hydrogen peroxide based chemicals with mould inhibitors are the choice. If you have no visible mold but with to kill any spore that may be present you can use a Bio Sanitiser with anti mould properties. For large scale mold cleaning or for the cleaner that wishes to boost their powers, there is now a booster to put into Chlorine ( Sodium Hypochlorite ) making it very cost effective and enabling the cleaner to make fresh batches at a moments notice.

Please note, Sodium Hypochlorite which is bleach and chlorine are really bad for waterways, septic tanks or bio cycle systems. It cleans that effectively by killing bacteria, it will also kill the good bacteria needed for the planets harmony. it will make your septic tank and biocycle smell bad as the good bacteria are dead. If you allow it into waterways by sending it straight down the gutters in the street, it will  not only harm wildlife but can contribute to algae blooms on waterways, depleting oxygen and destroying habitant and marine life- SO DO THE RIGHT THING - When using try to direct the run off to a grassed area or median strips so mother earth can filter it.  We often have this question > how can i clean a bad shower area if the home has septic or Biocycle. The usual answer is to use old towels we sell to collect it before it runs down the waste. We do have alternatives , but often you do need the cleaning power to remove the ingrained staining from mould. In this instance always use a thick bleach. Thats 6% percentage of Hypo and also have detergent surfactant which helps the bleach cling to surfaces and helps introduce oxygen to the mix whilst cleaning. As a footnote to the above, we can supply products to bring back healthy bacteria FYI.        

Actichem Hypo Enforcer Mould Remover Chlorine Additive

Use Actichem's Hypo Enforcer (AP727) to make Mould Exterminator the amazing product that it is. It is an additive designed to boost the chlorine power in Sodium hypochlorite, provides consistent, reliable results in mould remediation every time.

Actichem Mould Exterminator - Ready-to-Use Mould Removal

Actichem's Mould Exterminator (AP726) decontaminates and stabilises surfaces contaminated with mould and microbiological organisms.It is a safe, ready-to-use product. No more mixing required.

Actichem Percide Peroxide Mould & Pathogen Decontaminant & Cleaner

Actichem Percide Peroxide Mould & Pathogen Decontaminant & Cleaner is designed to not only kill the mould but to remove it.  It is a Peroxide based product which contains very low levels of Peroxide but has potentiates to boost its activity. It also has a boost additive with improves its performance radically.


Actichem Percide Boost - Activator for Percide

Actichem’s Percide Boost accelerates the extraordinary micro-organism killing power and destaining ability of  AP610 Percide. With an easy 1:9 mixing ratio, Percide Boost is convenient in use and produces dramatic results.

Actichem Clean Force Enzyme Carpet Prespray Powder

Enzyme carpet pre-spray powder. Actichem Clean Force is a super concentrated pre-spray powder with powerful enzyme cleaning action for tackling tough organic and greasy soiling.

Actichem Biosan II Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes

Actichem Biosan II Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes provide powerful, single-step disinfection with unique benefits of being completely non-toxic and safe for use in food preparation environments. Safe for use on smooth and porous surfaces.
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Actichem Biosan II Hospital Grade Disinfectant Concentrate

Biosan II Concentrate, leading the pack in surface cleaning & disinfection. The Biosan II concentrate, has been incredibly popular with a huge variety of industries during the pandemic, from healthcare and transport, through to education and much more.

Actichem Biosan II Hospital Grade Disinfectant RTU

Actichem Biosan II Hospital Grade Disinfectant RTU is a convenient ready-to-use solution. Safe on surfaces, in food prep areas and around people. This ready-to-use version is especially convenient in healthcare where accurate solution strength is so critical.