Urinal Deodorising Screens

6 Fragrances

Slant 6 Urinal Screen - Carton of 10

a better angle on splash prevention when it comes to porcelain urinals. Six Fragrances available


Slant 7 Urinal Flat Screens

Turn urinals into air fresheners with our Slant 7 Urinal Screens. These urinals have better angle for splash prevention.

Ecomat Urinal Deodoriser Screens for Waterless Urinals

Ecomat Urinal Deodoriser Screens are environment friendly urinal mat that stop bad odours in drains, and leave a pleasant smell. Its crystals break down dirt and clear blocked drains.

Wave 3D Urinal Screen

Wave 3D Urinal Screen is the ultimate splash reducing urinal screen combined with the patented technology of a 30 day urinal air freshener/deodorizer available due to its two sided design.

Trough Urinal Screen and Deodorizer

Trough Urinal Screen has a long and wide design which makes the screen fit trough urinals better. It's the ultimate splash reducing trough urinal screen. You can use one screen for standard trough urinals, or attach multiple together for even wider trough urinals.


Ultra Air Deodorising Toilet Clips

Ultra Air Deodorising Toilet Clips are designed to clip onto the outside of toilets or tanks in order to maintain a fresh fragrance throughout the washroom. It contains 30 times more fragrance than traditional clip ons.

Eco Fresh Toilet Bowl Clip Air Freshener

Eco Fresh Toilet Bowl Clips is an easy to use, environmental friendly, discreet and secure air freshener which works best in ladies restrooms to eliminate odour and create freshness.

Fresh Air Cube Air Freshener

Fresh Air Cube is an easy to use air-activated freshener for use in toilets in mens washrooms, disabled washrooms and ladies washrooms. It has been designed out of a polymer that contains fragrance oils.

Bio Tabs Pink For Ceramic Mens Urinals - Flushing Urinal Deodoriser Air Freshener

Bio-Tabs Pink Flushing Urinal Deodoriser, Drain Maintainer and Air Freshener works on organic waste that are the source of urinal clogging and bad odours. Upon flushing the urinal, a portion of the Bio-Tabs is dissolved, releasing the ingredients and a refreshing scent.

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Bio Tabs Green Waterless Urinal Deodorizer Drain Maintainer

Bio-Tabs works Green on organic waste that are the source of urinal clogging and bad odours for mens urinals. Recommended for maintenance of ultra-low flushing and no-flushing conventional urinal.

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Bio Tabs Bug Sphere Waterless Urinal Drain Maintainer and Deodorizer

Bio Tabs Bug Sphere is designed for maintenance of all low‐flush, conventional flushing urinal or troughs and all waterless urinal systems. Each BIO TABS guarantee up to 15,000 users without flushing 30,000 users with refill/cartridge control).

Bio Tabs Blue Sphere Waterless Urinal Drain Maintainer and Deodorizer

Designed for maintenance of ultra‐ low flushing, small deep narrow urinal bowl models and all water‐free urinal systems. 

Bio Tabs Blue Dome Waterless Urinal Drain Maintainer and Deodorizer

Bio Tabs Blue Dome is designed for maintenance of ultra‐low flushing and no‐flushing waterless urinal systems. Suitable for use with majority of urinal bowls and urinal trough models.

Urinal Maintainer Block in Cage

This urinal maintainer block uses enzyme to sanitise the urinal, resulting to effective hygiene control. An easy, effective way to reduce odour in the washroom. It is ideal for industrial use.
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Bobson Toilet Block in Screen

Bobson Toilet Block in Screen generally lasting between 30 to 60 days depending on the traffic. Recommended for older toilet with the drain covers missing! or for aesthetic appeal over traditional blocks.

PU120012 / DACU
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