Sport is the market leading one-part, water-based gym floor coating. With Sport Kote, two people can re-coat an entire gym in 5 hours and get athletes back on the floor the next day.

Using the specially designed products in the Sport Kote System guarantees the Sport Kote Promise, ensures you’ll get at least a year of outstanding performance from your Sport Kote gym finish, extends the life of your gym floor and saves you money in time, labor and maintenance costs. From Seal to Prep to Finish to Maintenance, the Sport Kote System offers exceptional performance and significant savings through innovation.

Sport Kote Sport Seal Fast Drying Water Based Floor Seal 9.5L

Sport Kote Fast-Drying, Water-Based Floor Seal creates an excellent protective seal for any floor finish. Sport Seal provides quick build, a rich amber hue and dramatically reduces the risk of sidebonding.

Sport Kote PC Water-Based Urethane Wood Finish 9.5L

Sport Kote® PC is the next generation of Sport Kote, the market leading water-based single-component gym finish for the last 15 years.

What’s different about Sport Kote PC? Everything…and nothing. Sport Kote PC still delivers our Sport Kote promise, low VOC’s and is MFMA-approved and UL-classified.

Sport Kote Prep Cleaner and Restorer 1.89L

Sport Kote Prep is  a deep cleaning, floor preparation solution that pull dirts and soil from deep within your existing finish and prepare the substrate for maximum adhesion of the Sport Kote Finish. It provides a clean so deep that Sport Kote will chemically “bolt” itself to the substrate after cleaning with Sport Prep.