SYR Clean Australia Safe and Simplified Cleaning Solutions

SYR Clean Australia is a trusted manufaturer provide a safe and simplified cleaning solutions that deliver unique effective cleaning solutions.

Due to years of experience and knowledge, they make a way for impossible things possible which makes them top in the Cleaning Industry. Besides part of their mission is to take our environment and social responsibility extremely seriously, thus their commitment is to develop their business towards ecological, social and economic sustainability.

Shop SYR Clean Australia effective cleaning solutions below, and will be happy to assist you if you have any questions.


SYR Huskee Round Bin Waste Receptacle 75L

SYR Huskee Round Bin used by virtually every industry including food prep, refuse, storage or biohazard waste. Ideal for refuse collection and bio-hazard waste.

SYR Wall Hugger Bin 90L - Space Saving Waste Receptacles

Looking for space saving waste receptables? SYR Wall hugging bins are designed for use anywhere especially where space is at a premium. Wall bracket and lids all sold separately.

SYR Interchange Heavy Duty Aluminium Handles

SYR interchange handles are at the focus of most SYR Cleaning Tools which can easily and quickly swapped tools using just one handle.

SYR Safe-guard Caution Sign

SYR Safe-guard Caution Sign is durable moulded polypropylene safety warning sign with ‘caution, wet floor cleaning in progress’ on both sides. Unique ‘IN-MOULD PRINT’ injection moulding technique ensures high resolution images and resistance to chemicals, UV effects and humidity.

SYR Rapid Response Cone

SYR Rapid Response Cone is highly visible tall mobile safety cone with mop holders and top handle gets to the point of the spillage fast.

SYR Lucy Ultra Bucket 15L

SYR Lucy Ultra Bucket is made from tough and durable polypropylene with steel handle and plastic hand hold.

SRY Scrator Brush - Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Brush

SRY Scrator Brush is a heavy duty multi-purpose brush with side bristles to brush right up to the edge and into corners. 295mm wide.


SYR Rectangular Pal-O-Mine

SYR Rectangular Pal-O-mine effortlessly removes stubborn marks from floors. 186mm wide. Sponges sold separately.

SYR Duster Brush Tool

SYR Duster Brush Tool has durable synthetic fibre bristles with strong steel wire frame.

SYR Multi Surface Tool

SYR Multi-Surface Tool can be used on internal windows, mirrors, glass areas and a multitude of hard surfaces. This cleaning tool can leave the surface perfectly clean, instantly dry and smear-free. Can fit Interchange Handle.

SYR Rapid Mop Bucketless Mopping System

SYR Rapid Mop Bucketless Mopping provides controllable moisture, to give smear free dry floors. This light and mobile mop is ideal for daytime cleaning in lightly soiled areas. Rapid Mop is 1450mm long.

SYR Economy Non-Tip Folding A-Sign 60cm

SYR's 60cm high, economy non-tip folding A-frames are made from durable plastic and are easy to store and transport. SYR’s unique auto lock ensures these signs will not fall over if accidentally kicked or bumped.

SYR Ergonomic Lobby Dustpan with Handle

Provide a convenient collection and disposal of debris and dust with SYR Ergonomic Lobby Dustpan with Handle.

SYR Sentry Safety Cone

SYR Sentry Safety Cones are light and easy to transport and can be stacked to save on storage space. high durable moulded polypropylene safety warning sign, printed on 4 sides.

SYR Plastic Floor Squeegee

SYR Plastic Squeegee is designed for faster way to remove spillages from hard floors. High grade foam twin blade rubber. Available in different colours to avoid risk of cross-contamination. 450mm wide.

SYR Compact Cleaners Cart

SYR Compact Cleaners Cart is a budget solution cart for smaller, tighter areas with restricted space. Quick and easy to manoeuvre.

SYR Long Tall Sally (LTS) Mopping Combo - Bucket + Wringer

Superb Long Tall Sally (LTS) mopping combo designed for both Kentucky and Flat mopping. The wringer easily clips on/off and the bucket has a pick up and go carry handle, clean water mopping with deep sump under heavy duty grid.

SYR Angle Broom 330mm

SYR Angle Broom Head designed to sweep right into the corners and tight spaces.
- Broom head only
- Poly Bristles
- Polypropylene block
- Color coding to avoid cross-contamination

SYR Grout Brush 230mm

How to clean grout? SYR Grout Brush features angled tough polypropylene bristles for cleaning grout between tiles and floor edges.

SYR Toilet Brush with Black Handle

SYR Toilet Brush provides dual purpose - brush to clean toilet bowl and rim.

SYR Deck Scrubber Brush

Looking for deck scrubber brush with tough scrubbing action to remove ground in dirt and grime? SYR Deck Scrubber available in different colours to avoid cross-contamination.

SYR Floor and Wall Cleaner Pad Holder

SYR Floor and Wall Cleaner Pad Holder is tough on ground in dirt, stains and heel marks. Simply add your choice of pad to the Interchange pad holder.

SYR Super Drying Mop Head 40cm

See a minor spill or slip fall hazard or floor not drying fast enough after mopping? SYR Super Drying Mop is the solution!

SYR Microfibre Flat Mop Head 40cm

Microfibre Flat Mop Head is fast and effective, launderable, easily fits the SYR snapper flat mop holder as shown in the flat mop holder video.

SYR Snapper Flat Mop Holder 40cm

SYR Snapper Flat Mop Holder has a unique SYR folding break-frame design, Interchange compatible handle fitting. SYR snapper flat mop holders are easy to use at the push of a clip.

SYR Snapper Flat Mopping System

If you are looking for efficient mopping system for cleaning hard wood floors, walls and windows, SYR Snapper Flat Mopping System is for you! It can be used with little or no chemicals. Microfibre collects up to 8 times its own weight in dirt and moisture.

SYR Bulldog Buckets

SYR Bulldog Buckets are super strong and durable everyday socket mop buckets with extra wide pouring spout and removable sieve. Dirt sump and grid.

SYR Syrtex Colour Changers 341g

Syrtex Colour Changers are another excellent innovation from SYR special SYRTEX blended yarn, looped end with band. These mops can last up to 3 months and are machine washable up to 90 degrees.


SYR Syrtex Colour Yarn Mop

For fast dirt pick up and water release, buy premium quality mop with unique looped SYRTEX colour yarn from SYR. Available in mini 35cm, midi 43cm, and maxi 60cm.

SYR Extension Handle 192 - 363cm

SYR Extension Handle is made from lightweight and strong aluminium with a 25mm diameter. These poles have a telescopic action for extendable reach. 192cm in length, extendable up to 363cm.