Artificial Grass Cleaner

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How to Clean Artificial Grass? Earth Renewable Artificial Grass Cleaner contains a powerful multi-faceted Quat formula and is specifically designed to clean and maintain Artificial Grass Surfaces in a clean and hygienic state.  The product will also treat the areas adjacent to the grass such as paths, fences, pergolas and garden furniture.

- safe for children and pets and is 100% biodegradable
- simple and easy way to keep artificial grass clean, safe, presentable in 15 minutes of effort
- protects you from hidden risks that artificial grass may contain: algae, mould, lichens, animal droppings, hair, skin and environmental dirt as these will be removed during treatment

Experience a quick and easy to apply artificial grass cleaner, order Earth Renewable brand by Solopak - safe for the environment and safe for you and your children! All you have to do is wet the surface to be cleaned – job done, no hassle!