Unger Dusting and Maintenance

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Unger Pro Ceiling Fan Duster contains thick soft microfibre strands which can clean all shapes and sizes of ceiling fan blades easily and effectively. It can be used by hand or attach to a telescopic pole for hard to reach areas.

Clean your ceiling fan regular with Unger Pro Ceiling Dan Duster to avoid dust and allergen from spreading in the air when using fan.
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Unger WALB0 StarDuster Duster Brush are made well with stiff bristles, can use industrial cleaning and do a great job. The oval shape makes this tool ideal for cleaning ceiling fans, removing cobwebs and dusting ceilings and walls.

- Metal wire construction with 100% polypropylene bristles.
- Easily screws onto all Unger extension poles.

May be used alone or with Unger telescopic poles (sold separately). With Optiloc or Unitec Telescopic poles, there's no wall, ceiling, or corner of your business that's out of reach.

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Unger StarDuster Pipe Brush can dust large and small areas. It features a bendable, 11" curved brush and is constructed of heavy-duty wire and polypropylene bristles.

With its round shape, this tool is ideal for removing dirt and dust from pipes and other rounded surfaces. Screws onto all Unger extension poles.