Facial Tissues

Are you looking for Facial Tissues with premium quality, comfort and softness? Kleenex Facial Tissues offer superior style, softness, strength and absorbency.

• Stylish pack design – to enhance image
 and compliment your decor.
• Finger tab – for easy opening.
• Lint guard – protects the tissue
• Starter sheet – reduces waste.
• Varnished box – for moisture protection.

Scott Facial Tissues, the preferred alternative with the combination of value and quality.

• Finger tab for easy opening.
• Lint guard – protects the tissue.
• Smart pack design – enhances image.

Scott Compact Jumbo Roll 1 Ply

SCOTT* Compact Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue is the preferred alternative for quality and value. Reducing the chance of run outs during peak times.

Carton of 48

SCOTT® 100 Facial Tissue

SCOTT® Facial Tissue features a starter sheet and finger tab for ease of opening and a lint guard that protects the tissue.

Carton of 24

Kleenex Facial Tissue Cube 90 Sheets Carton of 24

Kleenex Facial Tissues are trusted for their softness yet strong and effective, with user's satisfaction and comfort in mind. It delivers high quality absorbency with each use.

Carton of 48

Kleenex Facial Tissue

Kleenex® facial tissues are designed with user satisfaction and comfort in mind. These facial tissues are trusted for their superior¾ softness, whilst remaining strong and effective in use. The premium tissues deliver high quality absorbency with every use.
Carton of 24


The “signal sheet” feature in our 90’s, 100’s and 200’s alerts you when it’s time to change the box. With Kleenex Executive 200, The last 10 sheets are soft blue to signal that it is almost time to replace the pack.