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Whiteley Peach Disinfectant is a Commercial Grade Disinfectant and multipurpose cleaner designed for use in healthcare, institutional and commercial facilities. Being pH neutral and solvent free, it is safe for use on most surfaces including: plastics, metals, stainless steel, ceramics, glass, enamels and painted surfaces.

PEACH DISINFECTANT can be used in any area where soiling is a problem, including floors, walls, bench tops, doors, etc.

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Treble is a fantastic 3-in-1 multipurpose cleaner specifically designed for use as a general purpose cleaner, degreaser and sanitiser.

Treble is a water-soluble cleaner/degreaser that rapidly emulsifies, suspends and removes all types of animal, vegetable and petroleum oils. Treble is safe to use on most surfaces including vinyl, glass, stainless steel and ceramics.
It cuts through grease and soil leaving surfaces, including glass, sanitised and sparkling clean. It has a lime fragrance for freshness. Safe for use on most surfaces.

Before it may have taken 2, 3, or even 4 cleaning products to achieve the same result that Treble produces on its own!!

Benefits of Treble Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Multipurpose Cleaner:
    Glass & window cleaner
    Food grade cleaner/sanitiser
    Hard floor cleaner/degreaser
    Toilet & bathroom cleaner/sanitiser
    A single use product for the hospitality and contract cleaning industries
    Biodegradable Surfactants
    Septic safe
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Surface Clean is a multipurpose spray and wipe with mild alkaline formulation designed for cleaning all surfaces (except on painted surfaces) in removing difficult stains without the use of butyl solvents

Surface Clean rapidly removes dirt, fats, oils, soils, inks and textas, finger prints and other common greasy stains.

Benefits of Surface Clean Spray and Wipe:
• Removes permanent markers
• Cuts through grease and soil
• Does not contain any Butyl Solvents
• Contains a pleasant perfume

Floral Airfresh Air Freshener 5L

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Floral Airfresh is a concentrated air-freshener with a pleasant floral fragrance designed for long-lasting deodorisation. If you want to ensure fragrance will last for 24 hours or longer in your washroom areas and toilet areas, use stronger deodorisation of this Floral Airfreshener.

It is suitable for use in healthcare, institutions, commercial buildings and many other environments. This is very safe to use on most surfaces and deodorising washrooms, toilets, basins and fittings.Available in 5L, and matching 500ml spray bottle.Whiteley's Floral Airfresh water based Deodoriser features:- ph Neutral and solvent free- long lasting fragrance- concentrated air freshener- safe on most surfaces
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Resolve Heavy Duty Detergent is a mildly alkaline detergent designed as a total kitchen cleaner and sanitiser suitable for cleaning floors, benches, tables, grease trays, range hoods, heavily encrusted pots and pans and many other surfaces.

Approved for use in food establishments. It cuts through grease and soil. It does not contain any Butyl Solvents. Multipurpose cleaner, sanitiser and degreaser. Resolve is approved for use in registered food preparation establishments. Available in 5L bottle and matching 500ml spray bottle.

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Lemon Disinfectant may be used as a disinfectant cleaner in bathrooms, washrooms and other common areas where disinfection is required.

Benefits of Whiteley Lemon Commercial Grade Disinfectatnt:

- Pleasant lemon-pine perfume.
- Low pH & solvent free.
- Commercial Grade Disinfectant- Safe to use Multi-purpose cleaner on most surfacesAvailable in 5Litres and 500ml matching spray bottle.
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Clear Reflections Window and Glass Cleaner is a fast drying, streak free formulation designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, computer screens, enamel, formica and many other surfaces.

Clear Reflections Window and Glass Cleaner can be used to remove fingerprints and greasy marks from many surfaces.Clear Reflections Window and Glass Cleaner features:
    Boosted alkalinity for multipurpose use
    Streak free cleaner
    Multi-task cleaning formula
    Fast acting ensures a quick and easy clean

Citron Neutral Cleaner 5L

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Citron Neutral Detergent is a phosphate free, biodegradable multipurpose detergent specifically formulated for cleaning sealed and unsealed floors.

Citron Neutral Detergent can be used to clean vinyl, timber, terrazzo, ceramic tiles and many other floors. Citron is a multipurpose neutral detergent designed for use in health care, institutional and commercial facilities.