Whiteley Air Fresheners and Odour Control

Whiteley Air Freshener and Odour control products don't just mask or neutralise odours but kills the source of bacteria. Their range of odour control includes water based air fresheners and long lasting alcohol based air fresheners.
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Florogen is highly concentrated, alcohol based air freshener which can be used as space or surface deodorant can last for 24 hours deodorisation. 

You spray behind toilet bowls, around sinks and basins, behind desks and furniture, into waste bins after cleaning for lasting deodirisation in difficult bathroom areas.
Benefits of Florogen Concentrated Air Freshener:

    Long lasting deodorisation
    Kills 99.9% of bacteria
    Hospital strength odour control
    Improved hygiene in areas of use

Available in original, frangipani, lavender and strawberry fragrances in 500ml trigger spray and 5L.

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Mr Bean is an easy to use concentrated water based air-freshener, general purpose cleaner and sanitiser with a pleasant bubble gum fragrance.

It has a long lasting residual action and is safe to use on most surfaces. It can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Spray a  small amount of MR BEAN onto hard surfaces to improve residual deodorisation. You can also use it directly into waste disposal and storage bins to remove unwanted odours.

Available in 5 litres and 500ml Matching spray bottle.
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Vanilla Breeze is a long lasting residual action water-based air freshener, general purpose cleaner and sanitiser that removes unwanted odours with a pleasant vanilla fragrance.
It can kill 99.9% of bacteria.